Westman AC Mtg Minutes - Apr 8 2015

Brandon District Labour Council Office - General Meeting on April 8, 2015.

Attendees: Jennifer Grant, Trudy Taylor, Roque Lacroix, Samantha Aymont, Mike Weisgerber, Jeff Sexton, Glen Johnston, Martin Kaminiski, Susan Norman, Tracy Thor

Note Taker: Glen Johnston

The meeting was called to order at 5:20 PM by Jennifer Grant.

The Harassment Statement was read and Jeff Sexton was named intervener.

Regrets: Randy Walker

Previous Minutes

  • The minutes of the last meeting were not available, hopefully will be reviewed at the next meeting.


  • An email was received from the Brandon District Labour Council Office, BDLC, advising that a rally will be held against Bill C-51 (anti-Terrorist), Rally Date was the 14th of Mar 2015 at Larry Maguire’s Constituency Office.
  • Information was received about the Prairie School for Union Women 2015. Please contact the WMAC President, Jennifer Grant, for more information.
  • Information was received about the 2015 Solidarity Kid’s Camp of Manitoba. Please contact the WMAC President, Jennifer Grant, for more information.
  • There was no business arising from the correspondence.

President’s Report

  • The President had no report for the meeting. Sr Grant did attend the last PRC meeting, the C-51 Rally and the Multi-Local meeting held on the 9th of Mar 2015. At this point Sr Grant turned the floor over to Sr Norman so she could announce her retirement.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The Treasurer reported that we currently had approx $200 in our account.
  • The WMAC is waiting for the allotment from Regional office.

Budget Submissions

  • Submissions for extra money needs to be pre-approved and once the event is held submit the claim for reimbursement.
  • The WMAC reviewed the submissions from the Council (attached).


  • With the retirement of Sr Norman, elections now include the Vise-President position as well as the Secretary. At this point Sr Grant turned the Chair over to Sister Thor to conduct the elections.
  • Br Lacroix was nominated, accepted and was acclaimed to the position of Vice President. He was nominated by Br Johnston, seconded by Sr Grant
  • Sr Aymont was nominated, accepted and was acclaimed to the position of Secretary after Br Johnston respectfully declined his nomination for the position. She was nominated by Br Johnston, seconded by Sr Grant.

BDLC Affiliation

  • Affiliating with the BDLC is not possible for Councils or Committees. This must be undertaken by Locals within the BDLC’s area at a cost of $0.30 per member per year.

PRC Update

  • Br Johnston advised that the next meeting of the PRC will be held in September. At the last meeting we reviewed the Regional Action Plan and discussed the need to mobilize members to help with the PSAC Priorities. The PRC also looked at the budget submissions from the Regions Councils and Committees.

New Business

  • Br Lacroix advised that a barbeque would be held in the courtyard on the 10th of April.  
  • Br Kaminski advised that Parks members are starting to get Essential Service Agreement letters. He is projecting that at least 50% would be considered essential.
  • The Oath of Office was read by the newly elected officers.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting was set for the 3rd of Jun 2015, tentatively at Brandon University.


  • Br Kaminski made a motion to adjourn; unfortunately the time was not noted.


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