Westman AC Mtg Minutes - Jul 9 2014

Westman Area Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

5:00 pm at Brandon Labour Council Boardroom

727-10th street



Susan Norman, Glen Johnson, Mike Weisgerber, Randy Walker, Martin Kaminski, Jeff Sexton


          Jennifer Grant, Roy Clark


  • PRC Prairies Region Convention Report

-      One of the biggest points at convention was finance

-      That the PRC look at using an accounting firm to audit the financial statements

-      That the Bylaws must be followed

-      That the Budget and Financial Statements are 2 different items

-      That there was nothing on the Prairies website about convention

  • PRC Prairies Region Executive

-      It was noted that at least half of the executive are new

  • Geographical Rep for North West Manitoba

-      The new Rep is Jennifer Grant – email is jgrant148@hotmail.com

  • 2014 Flood – Can we help?

-      It was suggested that an email be sent from the WMAC

  • Campaigns – how can we get members involved?

-      TV exposure was discussed

-      Case study could be done for TV commercial from area council

-      UW Christmas Tree auction

  • Community Projects

-      BBQ in the early fall

  • Women’s Committee

-      Tabled at this time

  •  Elections

-      1st Alternate WMAC Rep

o   Mike Weisgerber     elected

o   Nominated by Glen Johnson Seconded by Jeff Sexton

-      2nd Alternate WMAC Rep

o   Martin Kaminski elected

o   Nominated by Glen Johnson Seconded by Jeff Sexton

-      Youth Representative

o   Roque Lacroix

-      Election for President was tabled until next election as persons were nominated they would declined

-      Glen will look at the Bylaws for the Youth Representative

  • Points from the floor

-      Treasurers Report - $551.06 in the bank

o   Have also received the allotment cheque which will be deposited shortly

o   Cheque was signed by Glen Johnson and Jeff Sexton payable to Susan Norman. Glen asked that it was noted in the minutes.


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