Westman AC Mtg Minutes - (Dec 21 2009)

21 Dec 2009
Westman Area Council 5:00 PM
Rollin’ Pin Restaurant

Meeting called by: Glen Johnson
Type of meeting: General Meeting
Note taker: Roy R Clark

Attendees: Trudy Taylor, Jeff Sexton, Randy Walker, Glen Johnston, Martin Kaminski, Roy Clark, Susan Norman


The meeting was called to order at 5:03 PM by Glen.

Regrets: Nil

Previous Minutes

Corrections to the previous meetings minutes were requested. Randy made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected, Martin seconded this. Motion carried.

Jeff made a motion to have a meal during the meeting, which was seconded by Randy. Motion carried.

Randy made a motion to pay for the last meeting, which was seconded by Jeff. Motion carried.

Treasurers Report

At this time there is approximately $3000.00 in the account.


· We have received an application package for the upcoming 2010 National Pride Conference.

· We have received the On Guard newsletter from the National Association of Federal Retirees.

Prairie Regional Council

The PRC will be conducting a strategy session in late January.

Federal Election Strategy

In the event of a federal election in the near future, we should have some strategy in place. Members present discussed a number of ideas.

· An all candidates forum to discuss the issues. This could not occur until all of the local candidates are known.

· Inky Mark, MP will be retiring soon and the riding of Dauphin Swan River Marquette could be important for labour concerns within our area.

· Targeting MP’s with information regarding our views and concerns.

· Also Brandon will have its Municipal election in October. Currently the Brandon Labour Council is supporting 6 of the 11 confirmed candidates. Other candidate could still be declared.

Social Justice

The members present discussed a desire for us as a group to become more active within the community.

Bylaw Reviews

· Previously a committee was struck to review the bylaws prior to the February AGM.

· We need to change to the abbreviation to our name due to confusion with the Winnipeg Area Council. We will remain the Westman Area Council; however, we will abbreviate it to WMAC instead of WAC.

· We need to ensure that the bylaws meet the new template requirements.

· We need to create/confirm Standing Agenda items.

· Election of nominees to convention(s) needs to reflect changes made by the Prairie Regional Council.

· Bylaws committee, currently there is no requirement.

Secretarial Note: A budget will be required for the AGM.

Cooperation w/other Unions & Labour Councils

· The Brandon Labour Council is looking for new members. This could be an opportunity to foster closer relations between our groups.

Elections Committee

· The VicePresident and Secretary positions are due for election in 2010.

· A nominations committee will be required for the AGM in February.

· Randy volunteered to head the nominations.

Training & Education

· An education schedule has been received by some members via email.

This will be forwarded.

· Council members will canvass their locals for interest in Talking Union Basics course to be held locally in the new year.

· UNDE will be conducting Resolution writing training sometime in the Spring.

Audit Committee for AGM

· There is a requirement for three members to conduct an audit of the finances in conjunction with the AGM.

There were no volunteers for this at this time.

Meeting Location

· The meeting after the AGM will be held outside of the Brandon area. Details of this will be confirmed at a later date.

Donations to Local Charities

· Randy made a motion that we make a donation to the Pinefalls strikers of $250.00, which was seconded by Martin. Motion carried.

· Jeff made a motion that we make a donation to The Westman Area Christmas Cheer Board of $250.00, which was seconded by Randy. Motion carried.

· Randy made a motion that we make a donation to The Westman Area Traditional Dinner of $150.00, which was seconded by Susan. Motion carried.

· Susan made a motion that we make a donation to the Brandon University Students Food Bank of $150.00, which was seconded by Randy. Motion carried.

· Martin made a motion that we make a donation to Dauphin & District Community Food Bank of $200.00, which was seconded by Trudy. Motion carried.

From the Floor

· There was discussion at the last PRC meeting in regards to representation at the PRC. This was in regards to regional reps versus the area councils. Email

protocols for the distribution of information may need to be reviewed as some members received items multiple times.

· Regional Woman’s Forum – Pay equity is still an issue and needs additional efforts. The gun registry is making a difference as gun related violence against women have decreased recently. National child care is still required.

· PSAC website – There is a “Letter to Your MP” form available.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for the 24 th of February at this location.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:25 PM by Glen. 

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