Join Our Upcoming Thursday Night Webinars!

When the pandemic response first started, the PSAC-Prairies regional offices were disppointed that we had to cancel all our in-person meetings and events. Connecting in person is a big part of how PSAC operates but we have tried to make the best out of it by conducting weekly webinars on topics that will assist members through this difficult time. 

So far, we have held webinars on:

Below is a list of the upcoming webinars. Come back to the website the Friday before each webinar you want to attend. The registration link for the upcoming webinar will be posted on Friday along with the recording of that week's webinar. 

May 21   
PSAC 101: An Introduction to Your Union 

Join in for an introductory webinar and an interactive presentation that will answer the most frequently asked questions about what it means to be a member of the PSAC.  Curious about dues? Benefits of joining? Decision making? Where you fit? How to get help? This webinar is for you!  Don’t hesitate - sign up today. Everyone welcome.

May 28   
Returning to Work Following the Pandemic 
As we start to transition back into workplaces and normal activities, we will examine how re-integration affects us all differently.   

June 4
Pension - An overview of how the Federal Public Service Pension Plan works!

Get Ready for Retirement! Learn about your Public Service Pension Plan and some of the benefits available to you as a Federal Public Servant.

June 11
Get Involved. It is your right!  

Ever feel frustrated with decisions made by the government? Whether it is Municipal, Provincial, or Federally you can make a difference. Sign up for this webinar and join us in a discussion on ways to make your voice matter! 

June 18
Simple Steps to Being a Better Ally

A webinar to help you enhance your role as workplace ally, working to end oppression.

June 25
Preventing a Grievance: Strategies for Early Conflict Resolution

Have you ever wondered if there was another way to resolve a workplace issue besides a formal grievance? Learn what situations may benefit from conflict resolution, understand the steps that need to be taken and who needs to be involved for the best outcomes.