Webinar #4: Ergonomics and Working From Home

Here is the latest installment of the PSAC Prairie Region’s webinar series! 

Recordings of previous webinars can be found at at the links below. 
Webinar #1: COVID Pandemic and Your H&S Rights at Work, https://prairies.psac.com/node/11048
Webinar #2: COVID-19 Pandemic and the Role of Representatives, https://prairies.psac.com/node/11057 
Webinar #3: Union Strategies for Mental Health & Well-Being, https://prairies.psac.com/node/11062 

The panelist for this webinar was Andrew Dolhy, CPE, Ergonomist for the Manitoba Federation of Labour Occupational Health Centre.

Andrew detailed some of the common challenges and solutions to providing sound workplace ergonomics while working from home on a temporary basis. Andrew used a variety of interactive formats, such as slides and demonstrations of proper ergonomics using webcams, in an interactive setting.

You can find the recording of Webinar #4: Ergonomics and Working From Home here.

Additionally, the handouts provided at the webinar are included below. 

Stay safe, 

Clint Wirth
Regional Representative, Health and Safety- Prairie Region
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