Webinar #3: Union Strategies for Mental Health & Well-Being

Building Connections, Resilience and Stronger Community Resources to Support Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our third webinar installment was an online learning module exploring:

  • The impacts, stigma and realities of mental health & well-being
  • The direct action the Union can take to build stronger, responsive and supportive communities for members
  • The resources and support services available in our communities
  • What to do when the paycheque stops, understanding the impacts of stoppages, and changes to pay, job security and pay continuance

This information was presented by Gina McKay, Tamarack Consultation & Facilitation Labour Director, United Way Winnipeg.

Find a copy of the webinar, UNION STRATEGIES FOR MENTAL HEALTH & WELL-BEING here

Documents shared during the webinar are included below. 

Should you have any H&S related concerns in your workplace, please contact your local, your component, or myself.

Clint Wirth
Regional Representative, Health and Safety- Prairie Region
Phone: 204-815-5718
Email: wirthc@psac.com