Winnipeg Human Rights Committee - Meeting Minutes - May 22, 2019

Winnipeg Human Rights Committee Minutes Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 17:15  175 Hargrave St

In Attendance: Jennifer Chieh Ho, Indrayani Patil, Michelle Phaneuf (minutes), Lindsey Sparks (PSAC Staff), Yvonne Hein, Frank Janzen

Call to order at 17:39

  1. Chair acknowledged we are on Treaty land
  2. Statement of Harassment Acknowledged
  3. Adoption of Agenda (1st Michelle Phaneuf, 2nd Indrayani Patil
  4. Welcome to visitor Frank Janz - discuss plans for upcoming Pride Parade (Agenda Item 1)
  5. Adoption of Agenda
  6. Last meeting minutes’ approval
    • minutes approved with edits. (1st Yvonne Hein, 2nd Michelle Phaneuf)
    • Asian Heritage month - information will be sent by Chair to Lindsey for distribution

New Business

  • Pride Parade: Frank is looking for volunteers to come and decorate the float on the 1st.  He will send his coordinates to Lindsey to share with committee members.  Members will RSVP to Lindsey directly.  He also recommended ordering pride banners for next year as a heads- up for budget request.
  • Budget Planning - See Budget Request (Attached)
    • Decision to promote the following :
      • Aboriginal Day - plan to hold an Open House on June 20/2019/meet new committee/celebrate National Aboriginal day
      • October - Mental Illness Month
      • November - CLIFF - Host a movie night
      • Human Rights Day/ - Dec 10
      • Seasonal Celebration - Dec 10
      • Bell Let’s Talk Day - Jan 31
      • Black History Month - February
  • Business Cards - committee members will arrange to get business cards made up to help in promoting committee and increasing membership.
  • Discussed having Regional Reps as well as Committee Chairs attend at upcoming meetings/via teleconference.
  • Terms of Reference from Calgary committee was provided and will be reviewed at next meeting.
  • Discussed ways of reaching members and how to access emails
  1. Treasurer’s report
    * No report at this time.
  2. Next meeting date
    * September 17, 2019.

9.      Adjournment
* Meeting concluded at 20:34 hours

Winnipeg Human Rights Committee: Action Items


To be Actioned By

Send revised May 7 minutes to Lindsey

Michelle Phaneuf

Send draft minutes of May 22 to those in attendance

Michelle Phaneuf

Send Franks address to committee members

Lindsey Sparks

Send Asian Heritage article to Lindsay

Jennifer Chieh Ho

Send article to Locals

Lindsey Sparks

Review Terms of Reference

All - September 17, 2019


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