Winnipeg & Area Human Rights Committee; Meeting Minutes - May 7, 2019

Winnipeg Human Rights Committee: Meeting Minutes - Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at 17:15

Boardroom - 175 Hargrave Street

1          Call to order

* Called to Order at 17:30 hours

2.          Introductions

            * Round of Introductions Made

 *Present:  Indrayani Patil, Chantal Nadeau, Yvonne Hein, Betty Ng, Nathalie Richard, Jennifer Chieh Ho, Michelle Phaneuf (minutes) Lindsey Sparks (PSAC Staff)

3.         Adoption of Agenda

            * No adoption of Agenda to be voted on

4.         Last meeting minutes’ approval

            * No Previous Minutes to be voted on

5.         Election Open for four positions (Chair, Co-chair, Secretary and Treasurer)

* Nominated for Chair, Jennifer Chieh Ho, moved by Michelle Phaneuf, seconded by Nathalie Richard and carried unanimously.

* Nominated for Co-Chair, Nathalie Richard, moved by Jennifer Chieh Ho, seconded by Chantal Nadeau and carried unanimously.

* Nominated for Treasurer, Michelle Phaneuf, moved by Nathalie Richard, seconded by Betty Ng and carried unanimously

* Nominated for Secretary, Betty Ng, moved by Michelle Phaneuf, seconded by Jennifer Cheih Ho. Betty Ng Respectfully declined.       

Discussion among members that minutes will be taken by Michelle Phaneuf for May 7, meeting and the secretary position will be open for election at the next meeting.

* Chair, Co-Chair and Treasurer position have been filled.  Secretary position to be filled.

      * Signing authorities will be changing over to the Chair, Co-Chair and the Treasurer to be in compliance.

6.      Treasurer’s report

      * No report at this time.

      * Human Rights committee is not in compliance at this time

      * Discussions around funding dollars and meeting minutes were discussed to bring the Human Rights Committee back into good standings.  Michelle will meet with Lindsey to work on the application for funds. May 22nd as settled via email.

7.      Discussion ideas for 2019

      * Pride Parade - Parade is on June 2, 2019.  There will be a float hosted by Area council.  The council will be decorating.  Winnipeg Human Rights Members will be meeting on May 22nd to assemble flags.

  •      Invitation to Marianne Hladun will be extended to attend next meeting
  • Chair acknowledged that May is Asian and South Asian Heritage Month. Discussed possibility of sending an email from the Winnipeg Human Rights Committee to acknowledge this information. All in agreement. 
  •       All other events put on hold until the Human Rights Committee is in Good Standing.

8.  Next meeting date

      * May 22, 2019.

9.      Adjournment

      * Meeting concluded at 18:50 Hours

Winnipeg Human Rights Committee: Action Items


To be Actioned By

Send previous budget to Chair

Lindsey Sparks

Send draft minutes to Lindsey

Michelle Phaneuf

Invite Marianne to May 22nd meeting

Lindsey Sparks

Asian Heritage Month Acknowledgement email

Jennifer Chieh Ho

Our Organization: