Saskatoon Area Council Meeting Minutes Jan 31, 2019

Saskatoon Area Council
Annual General Meeting Minutes
January 31st, 2019

Members present
Sister Jackie Nettleton – Agriculture – Area Council President
Sister Trudy Turnbull – SSO – Area Council Vice-president – via telephone
Sister Evelyn Jackson – UNDE – Area Council Secretary / Treasurer
Sister Kallie Crawford – UNDE
Sister Corinne McKay – ISC
Sister Elena Beynon – AGR
Brother Garry Cherneske – AGR
REVP Sister Marianne Hladun – via telephone
Meeting called to order at 5:30pm

Agenda with the addition of REVP and previous minutes presented & adopted

President’s Report
I participated in the following events in 2018:
PSAC Triennial Convention, Saskatoon & District Labour Council’s Annual General Meeting,
Labour Day BBQ, Pride Parade, Remembrance Day Ceremony, Saskatoon Regional Office
Open House & Political Action Training. The Day of Mourning was attended by Sister Evelyn.
Information on the Saskatoon & District Labour Council’s summer snack program is attached.

Treasurer’s Report & Budget 2019
Bank Balance as of December 31st - $1635.69
Notes: Outstanding Cheques & Fees
1- Labour Day BBQ - $159.79
2- Open House - $211.23
Total = $371.02
End of year Balance - $1264.67
Sister Evelyn presented the budget - moved by Sister Jackie, Seconded by Brother Garry, & all
were in favor

PRC Report
None at this time – PRC is meeting via conference call on Feb. 7th, 2019.

Bargaining update - PSAC went to the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment
Board to request that a Public Interest Commission be established but was denied, The
FPSLREB stated that PSAC & the Federal Gov’t is not an impasse in bargaining. The bargaining
teams return to the table in February, hopefully the new TB minister will be there to negotiate
fairly. Check the PSAC web site for updates.

Political Action – plan for political action for the federal election – more to follow after the NBOD

Saskatoon – REVP will be in Saskatoon the week of March 19th – anyone holding a meeting that
week and would like the REVP to speak at the meeting should contact the REVP’s office

Sister Evelyn presented the following:
1 – Housekeeping
(a) Bylaw 1 – addition of the words “here-in after referred to as the Council” and the removal of
the words “Area”, “Saskatoon and District Area” that precede the word Council throughout
the document
(b) Change of words “his / her” to the words their or them
(c) Removal of the words ”Regional Women’s Committees” prior to the words “and
constitutionally recognized regional committees”
Moved by Sister Kallie
Seconded by Brother Garry
All in Favor
2 – By-Law 2, Section 5
(a) Addition of the words “the members of”
Moved by Sister Jackie
Seconded by Sister Elena
All in Favor
3 – By-law 5, Section 4
(a) Addition of the words “as per By-Law 3, Section 2”
Moved by Brother Garry
Seconded by Sister Kallie
All in Favor
4 – By-law 9, Section 1
(a) Removal of the words “regular Council”
Moved by Sister Jackie
Seconded by Brother Garry
All in favor
5 – By-law 11, Section 1
(a) Reworded to be as follows:
A committee of two (2) members in good standing shall be appointed by the voting members of the
Council, as per By-law 3, Section 2, at a regular meeting to perform the annual audit prior to March 1st.
Moved by Brother Garry
Seconded by Sister Jackie
All in Favor
6 – By-law 11, Section 2
(a) Removal of the words “to the Annual”
(b) Addition of the words “at a general”
Moved by Sister Corinne
Seconded by Sister Jackie
All in Favor

Sister Jackie handed the chair over to Sister Elena for the elections.
Secretary / Treasurer
Sister Evelyn Jackson was nominated by Sister Jackie & Seconded by Brother Garry
There were no other nominations, Sister Evelyn was acclaimed as S / T
Sister Trudy Turnbull was nominated by Sister Jackie & Seconded by Sister Corinne
There were no other nominations, Sister Trudy was acclaimed as VP
Sister Jackie Nettleton was nominated by Brother Garry & Seconded by Sister Corinne
There were no other nominations, Sister Jackie was acclaimed as President

Round Table
1 – Sister Jackie spoke on the Day of Caring which is in June. She is hoping for an earlier time
frame to get the information out to the locals and thereby a greater turnout. More to Follow
2 – Regional Women’s Committee Chair Sister Corinne spoke about the work bee that is planned
for the end of March to box up feminine products for the northern communities. Sister
Nicole White from Moon Time Sisters will be at the next meeting on March 19th to discuss
the program and the date for the work bee.

The Regional Women’s Committee meets the 3rd Tuesday of every other month at 5pm in
the Saskatoon Regional Office.

With no other discussion the meeting adjourned @7:00pm

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