Regional Indigenous People's Circle Meeting Minutes - December 18, 2018

RIPC Meeting - December 18, 2018, Minutes

5:25 P.M. Call to Order

In Attendance:  Joyce Romanchuck, Janette Husak, Trudy Lerat and Louise Mardell Regrets: Paul Daigneault and Dave Beeds 
(Community and Family members joined for the celebration)
No Elder present
Meeting Chaired by Janette 
Welcome and round table introductions
  • Review of Agenda –Agenda approved as presented – Joyce (m) Janette (s)            
  • Harassment Statement – Read 
  • Review of last meeting minutes 
  • Minutes from November 26th, 2018 have been reviewed and approved. - Trudy (m) Joyce (s)
  • Committee reports tabled until next meeting. 
  • Community Seasonal Celebration following the meeting. 
  • The Friendship Center was unable to provide the meal for this event.  The Elder and Santa cancelled today.  
  • Dave ordered/arranged for delivery of KFC.  Janette prepared the kids candy bags and bought supplies and prepared two food hampers for a draw.  
  • Joyce presented information on the Moose Hide Campaign and brought the Red Dress Pins and postcards.  Joyce also brought some items for the draw, however, due to the low participation, it was decided to use them for the next meeting instead. 
  • A big thank you to everyone who worked to plan and organize the event.    
Other business
• Janette reminded everyone that in January we will need to do our Budget and Develop our Work Plan for 2019.  2018 Audit needs to be done.
• Next meeting planned for January 23rd, place and date to be confirmed. 
Adjourn – 6:45 p.m. 
Our Organization: