Saskatoon Regional Women's Committee Minutes - November 20, 2018

Minutes of the Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee November 20, 2018

Attendance: Audrey Berlovan, Corinne McKay, Tasha Felix, Nicole Dancey, Vesna Nikolic, Leila White (phone), Louise Mardel
Review Agenda – additional items, expenditures and Child Care campaign
Agenda approved
Previous minutes
 Reviewed previous minutes accepted
Child Care for all campaign
 Day of action – Nov. 20, 2018
 Please sign the petition and send an email to your MP link may be found at 
 Date - January 15, 2019 @5:15
 Corinne to provide financial report and reporting package
 Leila to provide agenda and notice to Jackie for posting
 Will need a new executive please consider putting your name forward:  Chair, Treasurer, Secretary 
 Light dinner will be provided
Dec. 6 National Day of Remembrance and Action on violence against Woman
 Corinne and Leila will see if there are any groups in Saskatoon having events
o We will either join them or support their project financially
PSAC Seasonal Social
 December 12, 2018
 SRWC will donate $200.00 to the Area council for the event
 Please encourage all labour friends and family to attend – not only for PSAC members
 Left to expense
o Donation of 100.00 to MMIW – will donate on Dec. 6th
o Donation of 100.00 First Nations Daycare
o 100.00 for December 6, 2018
 Leila will talk with Marianne H. for approval to sponsor a member to attend the Babes who Brunch *(see below for details) and for a donation to the LGBTQ community breakfast.
 Leila will review if there is a cost to support the No More Fairy tales Campaign and see approval for any costs.
Carrie Gates – special guest
 Social Media and Online Security
o Carrie provided the group with great information on how to keep your personal information safe, tips and tricks for passwords and general use of social media what not to do and how to protect yourself and family from cyber stockers.
o Great presentation – Carrie will forward further workshops/presentations that are available if anyone is interested.
*Babes who Brunch
 Non-profit organization - We are a collective of women who activate, cultivate and empower each other to live our fullest lives through real talk for real women
 Each Babes Who Brunch event begins with the intention to grow, connect with one another and become comfortable in the uncomfortable, and it is led by one fierce female keynote speaker who shares her insights, experiences and life story – aka #realtalk for real women
 Saturday December 15 10:00 – 12:00 at Calories Restaurant 721 Broadway Ave.
 Tickets are $45.00 – $55.00 
 Please submit your name to Corinne if you are interested in attending SRWC will consider sponsoring an individual to attend or make a donation 
No other business meeting was adjourned next meeting January 15, 2019 at 5:15 PM 
Meeting adjourned
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