Regional Indigenous People's Circle Meeting Minutes - Sept 12, 2018

RIPC  Meeting

September 12, 2018, Minutes

5:15 P.M. Call to Order
In Attendance:
• Dave Beeds - Chair
• Janette  Husak  - Secretary/Treasurer
• Sandra Ahenakew – PSAC Aboriginal Rep
• Joyce Romanchuk – UNE Human Rights Rep
• Shauna Wand – Corrections
Regrets: Shannon Blum, Paul Daigneault
No Elder present
Welcome and round table introductions
Review of Agenda – Removed Louise as she was unable to attend.
Sandra (m), Shauna (s) – approved amended agenda
Harassment Statement – Read by Shawna Ward
Terms of Reference – Read by Dave Beeds – Chair
Send electronic copy to Sandra, Joyce, and Shawna
Review of last meeting minutes 
Minutes from December 18, 2017 have been reviewed and approved. 
Chair report – No report
Secretary – No report 
Treasurer’s Report – 
• Current Bank Balance is $2,065.50 as of July 31, 2018
• PSAC Allocation of $2,000 received
Janette (m), Joyce (s) – Treasurer Report approved
• Motion made to pay $75 to the Friendship Centre to pay for cost of room rental.
Dave (m), Joyce (s) – motion accepted
Committee needs to order new cheques. Once cheques are received the committee will write a cheque to the Friendship Centre.
Guest Speakers – Sandra Ahenakew
• Sandra received an email from Donna Smith – SFL asking if someone from the PSAC was going to get a table to sell the red dress pins. Looking for volunteers for October 24-27, 2018 in Regina. The committee’s need financial support to purchase more red dress pins. Sandra suggested UNE HR to ask for support.
• October 4th Vigil – Sisters in Spirit. Committee’s need to raise awareness. Dave mentioned that the Friendship Centre and Prince Albert Grand Council usually does something everywhere that committee members can attend.
• Dave is going for financial support from the Aboriginal Committee on Sept 21 to get support to purchase more pins
Guest Speaker – Joyce Romanchuk
• Joyce did a brief presentation on Orange Shirt Day which is September 30th, Saint Joseph mission BC commemorative project. Joyce explained the background of how Orange Shirt Day began. Local 40195 is having a potluck on Sept 26th for Orange Shirt Day to raise awareness. Dave has an Elder that will be attending and speaking about residential school. Sandra to follow up to see if her local budget includes PA office as well. Provide tobacco and honorarium to the Elder. Local 40064 the Office of the Treaty Commissioner is attending their Orange Shirt Day.
An Elder that attended an Indian Residential School will be in attendance and speaking. Also, Sioux Chef will be doing a presentation on traditional foods. 
Membership Recruitment Discussion – Sandra gave suggestions for membership recruitment
• Potluck, Open House night, Movie Night, Spoken word artists, Guest Speakers, Bring a co-worker and your name will be entered in for a door prize.
• Guest Speaker to talk about the current Aboriginal issues such as: Pipeline, TRC, Protests, Red Dress Oct 4th, MMIW, NAD June 21st, Moose hide campaign (Aboriginal men raising awareness against domestic violence)
Develop Work Plan and Budget for 2018 – 
• Need to work on our prevention of suicide for the north
• Mini youth workshop
• Anti-bullying day
• Pink Shirt Day – Last Wed of February 
Round Table 
• Shawna – to look into getting the offenders to bead the orange shirt pins for a fundraiser. Also, to bead the Red Dress pins. Shawna would like to partner with the Friendship Centre and do a free hair cut day for kids for their school pictures.
• Dave – Dave would like to promote aboriginal connectivity and inclusiveness. Dave is going to try and get a table for RAPC on Sept 29th at the PA Exhibition Centre for the Fall Gala that is put on by the Optimist Club.
Other business
Next meeting:
• October TBD
Adjourn - 6:30 pm.
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