Winnipeg Area Council; Meeting Minutes Oct 3, 2018

Winnipeg Area Council Meeting Minutes - Oct 3, 2018

Attendance: Gus Mardli, Sheilagh Hanson, Christine Dmyterko, Yvonne Hein, Jamie Bonner, Tracy Grove, Brett Rainboth, Nestor Galarnyk

Guest: Tracy Thor, Jennifer Chieh Ho

Regrets: Frank Janz, Nathan

  1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Mardli at 17:33
  2. Round table introductions made by all in attendance
  3. Adoption of Agenda –
    • Add 8e. C.L.I.F.F
    • Add 9a. University Student  - Fight for 15
    • Moved by Sr. Sheilagh Hanson, seconded by Br. Nestor Galarnyk
  4. PSAC Statement of Harassment – deemed as in affect
    • Moved by Br. Galarnyk, seconded by Sr. Tracy Grove
  5. Adoption of June 25 minutes
    • Error in the Nestor’s spelling of his name
    • Add to 7A. that Sr. Sheilagh Hanson to say she attended Wpg Pride Parade
    • Add to 7C. spelling of “accessible” fixed
    •  Moved by Br. Gus Mardli, seconded by Br. Galarnyk
  6. Treasure report
    • Balance as of end of October - $2669.26
    • Sr. Thor stated that the Santa Claus Parade budget is firm at $1500, we cannot go over!
    • Motion to adopt Financial report
      •  Moved by Sr. Dmyterko, seconded by Sr. Grove
    • LABOUR DAY Turn-out
      • There were many members that showed up
      • Wasn’t as big a turn out as in the past years
      • Talk was happening that there may not be a parade next year
        • Sr Hanson is going to submit a letter to send to locals to try get funding to help have a parade next year as it is 100 anniversary
      • National campaign – go and talk to MP’s
      • Br. Galarnyk went to MP BBQ and had a nice talk with them
        • Talked about why treasury board didn’t have dates
      • Labour Day Parade – members had a good conversation with Daniel Blakie
      • Finalized monetary package
      • They only had 2 days with treasury board
      • SV group and all other groups will be back to bargaining in the coming up weeks
      • All 4 tables are on board with the common issues
      • Hoping next contract will be able to hire
      • Salaries – keep up with inflation, close the gab on wages
      • SV group would like to go to 37.5 hours instead of 40 hour work weeks
      • All of our large groups have a big push for mobilization – visit MP’s
      • New Campaign out – Here for Canada
      • Anytime we are at events – talk about “here for Canada”
      • Prairie Regional Council meeting Nov 2-4
        • On Nov 2 there will be an event on Broadway – Rally
        • Steward training will be there to attend
      • Still lots of groups in bargaining
    • Municipal Election
      • Wpg Labour Council endorsement list provided by Br. Bonner
      • If you have time to volunteer, please volunteer or donate
      • Also many committee’s you can be apart of
        • Look under the City of Winnipeg Website and you can apply for different boards and committees. 
    • Solidarity Engagement Proposal
      • Its an idea to have a meeting where we can invite all locals/RVPs to attend and entice people to join
      • Have all 4 committees involved and explain what each committee does
      • Sr. Hanson has sent a proposal to Br. Mardli to look over
    • Santa Claus Parade
      • November 17, 2018
      • Registration has been paid
      • Sr. Thor to send out request for help with the Parade to all locals
    • Seasonal Celebration
      • To discuss at a later date
  9. Guest: Sr. Jennifer Chieh Ho
    • She wanted to talk about the CLIFF event (Canadian Labour International Film Festival)
    • Hoping we can organize an event to reach out to all the members to come and see some of the films
    • Would like to have a night where we could watch the files and bring all the committees together and perhaps explain the committees also in the evening?
    • Need to pick a date and get organized
    • November 21 – Here for CLIFF
    • Cost would be minimal – roughly $120 for coffee/treats
    • Sr Hanson to organize and put in proposal
  10. Next Meeting: November 6 @ 5:30
  11. Adjournment – motioned by Sr. Grove, seconded by Sr. Dmyterko


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