Westman Area Council; AGM Minutes - March 7, 2018

Westman Area Council AGM - Mar 7, 2018 2018 at 5:00 p.m. 

Double Decker Tavern

Attendees: Jeff Sexton (Chair), Jennifer Grant, Glen Johnston, Mike Weisgerber, Layne Tepleski, Susan Norman (APSAR), Marianne Hladun (PSAC Prairies REVP), Randy Walker (guest)

Regrets: Martin Kaminski, Andy Neufeld

Call to Order:    

Br Sexton called the meeting to order at 5:14pm

PSAC Harassment Coordinator:

Sr Susan Norman appointed for the meeting.

Previous Minutes:          

Presented and approved. M – Br Weisgerber, S – Br Tepleski.  Carried

Treasurer’s Report:

Br Johnston reported a balance of $607.09 on 01 March 2018.


Agenda accepted as presented. M – Br Weisgerber, S - Johnston

Agenda Items:

  • Bargaining update provided by Br Sexton
  1. CRA – end of Jan, binding arbitration process, bargaining on hold until this is decided
  2. CFIA – 4 yr agreement, 1.25%
  3. FB – PIC still in process
  4. Parks – tentative agreement reached in Feb, 1.25%, wage adjustments and agreement wording
  5. Bargaining starting this summer for PA, TC, EB and SV groups
  6. REVP Hladun updated that the National Bargaining Conference is Mar 26-29
  • PRC update provided by Br Johnston

Strategy session at last PRC meeting with lots of ideas to be implemented including media training. Finance Committee approved to meet in May, monies provided from unallocated surplus. Upcoming Convention - PRC is again looking at all 3 provinces for a location, always a challenge due to lack of unionized room. Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina are the current available options but meeting space need to be a certain size so the Fairmont in Winnipeg may not be a viable option in the future. Alberta is lacking available space completely. PRC also appointed Exchange Inc as the Auditor for the next 3 years. Feb 28 Day of Action was successfully organized at Larry Maguire’s office. REVP Hladun stated the media coverage was fabulous with the Brandon Sun article.

  • UWCTA – WMAC has been a supporter of the event since 2011 and this past year the event raised $36,771.00. Br Sexton provided a history of the AC’s involvement and total revenues for the United Way since 2008 have been $230,707.00.
  • Education – Tracy Thor (RO – via phone) update that Jan training opportunity was unable to come to be and April 13/14 was decided as the target date for the TUB course in Brandon. 8 participants are required for the training to take place.
  • Financial package presented by Br Johnston with additions made to the 2018 Budget for the Women’s Resource Centre, Phoenix Town Hall, Pride Parade and Labour Day events. Br’s Tepleski and Weisgerber appointed as Auditors. Audit conducted without issue. Motion to approve the 2017 Financial Statement as presented, as well as the amended budget. Financial Statement accepted as presented and budget accepted in principal and a final vote will be conducted by email. M – Br Johnston, S – Br Sexton. Carried

Motion was also made to pay Sr Norman for $92.09 for UWCTA items.

M – Weisgerber, S – Tepleski. Carried

Points from the floor:

  • APSAR would like to meet with Locals.
  • BDLC needs new members to join
  • Phoenix updates
  • Term employees MOU to keep prior vacation leave
  • PSAC National Triennial Convention April 29 – May 4 in
  • Bill C27
  • Young Workers Conference April 13 - 15
  • FPSLREB declared Collective Agreement delays broke the law
  • RWC meeting in Winnipeg March 6
  • Young Workers Committee meeting in Winnipeg March 12
  • Positive Space Initiative letter from Chris Little-Gagne


Br Sexton adjourned the meeting at 6:54pm.

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