Upcoming Course - Unionism on Turtle Island

The PSAC Prairie Region is pleased to offer the Unionism on Turtle Island course November 28 to Dec 2, 2018 at the PSAC Calgary Regional Office. Please look for registration to begin  in the first week of September.

This course is for PSAC members who:

☼          are ready to work as an Ally in solidarity with Aboriginal Peoples in their union, workplace and community;

☼          live and work in the Prairie region;

☼          have completed the TUB (Talking Union Basics) course or the NAPC 

            (National Aboriginal Peoples’ Circle) course, or have gained

            equivalent experience through being an active PSAC member;

☼          would like to learn more about the issues facing Aboriginal workers;

☼          want to challenge barriers to diversity within the union and workplace.

Course Overview:

The Unionism on Turtle Island course will bring together PSAC members from across the Prairie region for an intense five days of talking, learning, laughing, questioning and supporting each other. Participants will explore the history of oppression and resistance, Aboriginal issues at the bargaining table, creating a representative workforce, and opening the union to Aboriginal activists. This course will provide a comfortable and supportive environment in which participants can explore their attitudes, ideas and questions. Participants will develop strategies to encourage solidarity and build the union.