Winnipeg Area Council; Meeting Mintues - May 15 2018

Winnipeg Area Council
May 15, 2018

Gus Mardli Sheilagh Hanson Christine Dmyterko
Yvonne Hein Jamie Bonner Tracy Grove
Brett Rainboth
Guest: Serina Pottinger, Tracy Thor
Regrets: Frank Janz, Nathan Berry, Nestor Galarnyk

1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Mardli at 17:34

2. Round table introductions made by all in attendance

3. Adoption of Agenda –
o Moved by Sr. Sheilagh Hanson, seconded by Br. Brett Rainboth

4. PSAC Statement of Harassment – deemed as in affect
o Moved by Sr. Hanson, seconded by Br. Rainboth

5. Adoption of December 13, 2017 minutes
o Error in the adjournment time, will fix to be 19:00 hrs
o Moved by Br. Grove, seconded by Br. Rainboth

6. Treasure report
o Balance as of end of February - $2940.00
• Outstanding chq - $130 food AGM
• Outstanding chq - $51 food for tonight meeting
o Still waiting to hear if budget this year is approved
o Motion to adopt Financial report
• Moved by Sr. Hanson, seconded by Sr. Grove

7. By-Election to elect WAC Treasurer, WAC PRC Rep and Alternate
o Sr. Tracy Thor took the floor to run the election
o Treasurer - Sr. Grove nominated Sr. Christine Dmyterko, seconded by Br. Mardli
• There were no other nominations
• Sr. Dmyterko accepted the position
• Will need to get bank papers signed and updated to have new signing authority
o WAC PRC Rep – Br. Mardli nominated Sr. Sheilagh Hanson, seconded by Sr. Grove
• There were no other nominations
• Sr. Hanson accepted the position
o WAC PRC Rep Alternate – Sr. Hanson nominated Br. Brett Rainboth, seconded by Br. Mardli
• There were no other nominations
• Br. Rainboth accepted the position
o Completed the Oath of office

8. Old Business
o Phoenix protests
• Will wait for PSAC to give direction on what to say.
• Want to inform members about putting claims in, talk to components
• Need to educate our members about looking into phoenix issues on work time not own time.
• This could take up to 10 years to fix

o Bargaining Conference
• Bargaining dates could come as early as end of May
­ SSO still in bargaining
­ FB is in Ratification
­ Parks done
­ SRG still bargaining
­ One group from university still bargaining
­ Deerlodge – are having a representation vote
­ Treasury Board Tables are meeting in Ottawa

o May Day
­ Small turnout then years before
­ About 4 PSAC members in attendance
­ Some members did march in Toronto while there
­ Quite a bit of youth and counter protesters

o Labour Grassroots Leaders Affiliation
­ Put in abeyance until fall
­ Waiting for place to have meetings

o PSAC National Convention
­ New President: Chris Aylward
­ New Vice President: Magali Picard
­ NVP has promised to work on Phoenix
­ Some resolutions:
a. HRC–Equitly delegates to National Triennial – did not pass
b. 25% increase for Regional convention
c. Next triennial regional convention will be fully funded, however there will be less delegates (i.e. Locals: first 215 members will get 1 delegate and another delegate for each additional 215 members)
d. Passed - REVP elected will not have to move to where the biggest membership count is
e. Passed - Increase money for area councils – doubled approx. $20,000 for WAC

9. New Business
o Winnipeg Pride
• Did they register?
• Get float?
• Sr. Hanson will look into

o Manitoba Marathon
• Gus will be meeting on June 9 regarding Marathon
• Marathon will take place on father’s day – June 17
• Same spot as last year, will be doing same thing
• Send email to someone on WAC exec if interested in volunteering

o Public Service Week
• Will not be asking members to boycott PSW
• Jun 10-16 this year
• Will not be doing a bbq this year, looking in having a solidarity lunch in the fall

o August – Solidarity lunch
• Look at having a lunch to invite local presidents to promote committees & council
• Look at getting some key note speakers
• Need to do a proposal, perhaps use the money that is allocated for PWS

o May 26 young workers committee
• Having a BBQ
• Assiniboine Park – 11:30 to 3pm

10. NEXT MEETING DATE: June 20, 2018 5:30pm

11. Round Table:
o Sr. Hanson – Day of Mourning was on Apr 27
• Could not go as she was in training
• Look at suggesting not having training/conferences etc on important days such as May Day, Day of mourning etc.
• Suggest looking at dates before planning training and conferences

12. Adjournment – 18:45 pm
o Motioned by Sr. Grove, seconded by Sr. Dmyterko

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