Winnipeg Area Council; AGM Minutes - Mar 8, 2018

Winnipeg Area Council
Annual General Meeting Minutes
March 8, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Gus Mardli Tracy Grove James Cooke
Yvonne Hein Serina Pottinger Christine Dmyterko
Lorelei Topnik Sheilagh Hanson Earl Borkowski
Frank Janz Rita Gordon Brett Rainboth
Nestor Galarnyk
Guest: Tracy Thor, Susan Norman

1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Br. Gus Mardli at 5:35pm

2. Round table introductions made by all in attendance

3. PSAC Statement of Harassment read by Br. Frank Janz
o Sr. Tracy Thor – harassment co-ordinator for female
o Br. Frank Janz – harassment co-ordinator for male
o Moved by Sr. Lorelei Topnik, seconded by Sr. Sheilagh Hanson

4. Adoption of the Agenda
o Adopt the agenda by Sr. Topnik, seconded by Sr. Rita Gordon

5. Adoption of May 3, 2017 AGM minutes
o Adopt the minutes by Sr. Yvonne Hein, seconded by Sr. Hanson.

• Asked to switch numbers (6) President’s report and (7) Treasure’s report around. – accepted by all

6. Treasurer report
o $2940.02 balance as of Feb 28, 2018
o No outstanding cheques
o Financial statement has been audited
o Adopted by Sr. Tracy Grove, seconded by Br. Nestor Galarnyk

6a. 2018 Budget
• It was noted that PSAC will be buying “PSAC” suckers to give out at Pride parade, Santa Clause parade, Labour Day picnic.

o Winnipeg Area Council meetings
• Last year spent approx. $71 per meeting
• Asked for $80 per meeting
• $640 approved

o Water Station for Manitoba marathon
• There was no fee last year, but just in case we need to pay anything
• Asking for $100 and t shirts for anyone that doesn’t have yet
• $100 approved

o Public Service Week BBQ
• Will need a lead on this event
• Br. Garlarnyk and Br Janz offered to help cook
• Will need a business case
• Look into renting bbq’s?
• $2000 asked for – loss of wages for 2 members and cost of food
• $2000 approved

o Labour Day picnic
• Freezies – 200 count @ $50 each and other swag
• $500 and t shirts, swag
• $500 approved

o Wreath for Remembrance Day
• $150 approved

o Santa Clause parade
• Decorations, Truck rental, trailer rental, sound system, generator
• Will hope to have some people donate their stuff for use if possible
• $2500 approved

o Storage for decorations
• Do not have a place yet, have looked at a couple
• Estimate around $50 a month
• Will do some looking around to find a place
• $700 approved

o Seasonal Celebration
• Good get together to promote all councils and getting people out
• Possible summer or after Santa parade celebration?
• $200 approved

o Political Science Professor
• Educational for council and members
• $150 approved

o Budget approved – adopted by Br. Galarnyk, seconded by Br. Brett Rainboth

7. Chair report – Br. Mardli turned the chair to Sr. Hanson:
o Motion to adopt report by Br. Mardli, seconded by Br. Janz
o Sr. Hanson turned the chair to Br. Mardli

8. Elections – Winnipeg Area Council
o Br. Mardli turned the floor to Sr. Tracy Thor to run elections
• Chair
­ Br. Galarnyk nominated Br. Gus Mardli, seconded by Sr. Hein
­ there were no other nominations
­ Br. Gus Mardli accepted the position
• Vice Chair
­ Sr. Tracy Grove nominated Sr. Sheilagh Hanson, seconded by Br. Gus Mardli
­ Sr. Hein nominated Sr. Tracy Grove, seconded by Br. Janz
­ Sr. Grove declined the position
­ Sr. Sheilagh Hanson accepted the position
• Secretary
­ Br. Janz nominated Sr. Tracy Grove, seconded by Sr. Serina Pottinger
­ There were no other nominations
­ Sr. Tracy Grove accepted the position
• Treasurer
­ Sr. Hanson nominated Sr. Serina Pottinger, seconded by Sr. Grove
­ Sr. Pottinger nominated Br. Nestor Galarnyk, seconded by Br. Mardli
­ Br. Galarnyk declined the position
­ Sr. Serina Pottinger accepted the position

• Executive Oath – to be done at end of meeting

9. Update – Phoenix protest
o We had some good turn outs for the past protests on paydays
o Started at Jim Carr’s office then moved to local offices having locals sign up for different pay days
o Since January no one has signed up. – it has been cold though
o There have been discussions about having a sit in at MP offices
• Could do around 3pm or 5pm instead of lunch hours
• Sr. Thor to follow up regarding our legal rights
• UND would like to be included if this happens
• We should do one at every MP Office
• Sr. Thor will look more into it and keep us posted

10. Bargaining update
o CFIA – ratified their agreement
o Parks – tentative agreement, which is being recommended to accept
o Stats – still in bargaining
o 4 groups going to bargaining conference coming up – TC, SV, EB, PA

11. Sister Susan Norman – APSAR (Association of Public Service Alliance Retirees)
o This is not just for retirees, anyone can join, locals can join
o APSAR provides its members with crucial services when they retire from the public service, such as health and dental benefits and death benefits.
o PSSC supply the office for them, membership money is what keeps the program going, so please encourage your members to join.
o Handed out applications to give to locals.

• New Executive Oath took place.

12. Next Meeting
o Wednesday May 16 @ 5:30pm

13. Round Table:
o Br. James Cooke – would like to put on a presentation regarding his trip to Colombia with the Social Justice
• Everyone thought it was a great idea
• He will look at a time and let all councils know
o Br. Mardli – Mayday Parade – will send info out about it.
• Bargaining conference is that time

14. Adjournment
o Motion to Adjourn – Sr. Grove, seconded by Br. Janz

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