NAPC Reps Letter: National Aboriginal Day

NAPC Prairies Reps Alisha Bigelow and Alex George send greetings for National Aboriginal Day.

Greetings Sisters and Brothers of the Prairie Region:

National Aboriginal Day will be held this year on Tuesday, June 21, 2011. On this day, PSAC members within the Prairie Region, and throughout the country, will attend various events and activities in their respective communities.

National Aboriginal Day is held ever year to honor the Aboriginal Culture. Events take place all over Canada on June 21 and can include opening and closing prayers, traditional dancing, fiddling and jigging, traditional feast, and entertainment by Aboriginal artists.  

The following website has information on activities and celebrations happening across the country for National Aboriginal Day: This site also has a calendar of events for other events happening throughout the year.

We encourage you to attend National Aboriginal Day activities in your community on June 21, 2011, and celebrate Aboriginal culture, food and traditions.

If you would like any information on National Aboriginal Day please contact Alisha Bigelow or Alex George and we will look into events in your area.   

Thank you,

Sister Alisha Bigelow and Brother Alex George

Contact Information:

Alisha Bigelow – NAPC Prairies Female Representative, Winnipeg / (204) 218-2447
Alex George – NAPC Prairies Male Representative, Regina / (306) 533-1930