Nancy Johnson PRC Report (Feb. 2015)

Report of the RWC Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the February 2015 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Nancy Johnson
Prairie Region Council February 2015

Attended the Prairies Leadership Summit in Regina where I connected with great activists and was selected to sit on the Prairies Summit Steering Committee.  We have been holding bi-weekly conference calls and working hard, discussing and planning activities to support the Prairies Regional Operational Plan aligning to the PSAC priorities.

Attended the National Human Rights Committee meeting in Ottawa early November where the equity groups met and discussed their priorities for the next three years.  The Women’s four priorities are:

  1. Defeating the Harper Government
  2. Child Care
  3. Violence Against
  4. Women’s Leadership

I have participated in three conference calls with the Women’s Working Group representatives.

The National Human Rights Conference will be held in Toronto in March 2016, which means that I’ll be working with the REVP, Regional staff and the chairs of the RWC’s to organize our Regional Women’s Conference that returns to Manitoba.  I am looking forward to the year ahead.

Attended the Union Activist school in Regina and was impressed with the participants knowledge and dedication to the broader union movement and their commitment to get things started to improve the lives of our members and communities.

Attended Childcare 2020 conference along with the PSAC Women’s Program Officer, Andree Cote and the six other Regional Women’s representatives.  The Prairies was fortunate to send two additional delegates, Sherry Hunt and Michelle Lang.  As Childcare was selected as one of the Women’s committee’s priorities for the next three years, it was very important to be involved and hear first hand what the issues are and how we can lobby the government for a national childcare program.  There were several exceptional speakers from Stephen Lewis to our very own PSAC National President Robyn Benson, where she launched the new PSAC Childcare video.  If you have not seen it, please visit the Prairies website and/or share back in your locals and/or committee meetings.  The video is exceptional!  As well, March’s Webinar Wednesday will be Childcare, looking forward to that discussion.

I was able to meet with the Regina Women’s Committee in December and assist them in their planning and financial reporting requirements for 2015.

I have been working with Carm Chan, Regional Rep in Edmonton to get the RWC back in good standing and a new executive was elected this week so we will see some great things coming from Edmonton. I will be working with the newly elected executive by offering them any assistance while they re-invent their committee.

Winnipeg RWC held a successful one-day “Sisters United” event on December 6th at the regional office.

Saskatoon RWC is holding a one-day “Sisters in Solidarity” event on February 21st, where they will be screening a movie and having a panel discussion with Aboriginal community organizers.

Calgary RWC collaborated with the Area Council and Human Rights committee and created a “Dear Steve” on-line valentine postcard campaign.

Lethbridge RWC and Area Council held a screening of “We Are Wisconsin” and are planning a free swim event for International Women’s Day.

I am proud of the work of the Prairies RWC’s!

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the December 6th Montreal Massacre, the Saskatoon RWC sponsored the screening of “Poly Technique” and a panel discussion followed where I provided information about the role of PSAC Prairies Regional Women’s Committees and how we have supported events that raise awareness on issues about violence against women from participating in vigils, postcard writing campaigns, lobbying federal government on long gun registry, missing and murdered aboriginal women, working within labour movement such as CLC to end violence against women.  Discussed the CLC survey results on Domestic Violence in the Workplace.  The survey results are available on CLC and PSAC websites.

As the PSAC VP on the SFL, I am the chair of the Women’s committee where I will be able to connect with other affiliates to raise awareness on women’s issues.

Attended the Prairies “Leading Change” workshop in Winnipeg end of January.  It was a fun and inspiring two-day workshop that was lead by the fantastic Judy Shannon, Dolly Ablitt, Michel Desautels and Victoria Gibb-Carsley.  The discussions in the working groups have ignited plans for our next political action.

In solidarity,

Sister Nancy Johnson