Michelle Lang Report July 2017

Hello Comrades,

I want to welcome all the new members to the council as well as welcoming back the members from the previous council.

I sent out emails to the Directly Chartered Locals within the Prairies for agenda items as well as a report of what is going on within their locals. To date I have not received a reply. If I receive anything I will provide a verbal update when we meet.

I currently am attending rallies to stop the cuts in and around Regina. Unifor and SGEU are the ones to usually host these events. I had the chance to speak at a Moose Jaw Rally on June 22, 2017. I want to connect with the Regina (and Area) Area Council about putting on a rally or a demonstration in front of a MLA Back Benchers office to make it know that their seat is in jeopardy and that we won’t back down until they either start listening to the public or get booted out of their seats.

Bargaining is happening I believe with some of the Universities as well as the Casino. It is going to be a tough battle but one that I refuse to back down from. They want to cut salaries do it to the top not your front line workers.

Not too much to report other than daily activities of the local. I ask that if any of my comrades on PRC know of any Rallies or Pickets to please let me know. If I can I will go out and support. I also ask that if there is a Rally for any type of privatization in any province that you go out and support as that hurts every single resident in the province.

I will sign off for now and hopefully can receive some information from the other DCL’s in the Prairies.


In Solidarity,

Michelle Lang

DCL Representative