Michael Weisgerber Report February 2018

It is my honour to serve on the Prairie Region Council representing the North-West Manitoba Geographical Area. 

Since the last report I have attended several events and conducted several duties in my capacity as the Geographical Rep.  One of the most substantial events was attending the PSAC National Leadership Training held in Ottawa which started on the last days of November and carried over into early December 2017.  This training provided several tools to assist me in performing the duties as the Geo Rep during this current mandate.


While in Ottawa for the Leadership Training I was given the opportunity to participate in two lobbying sessions with Members of Parliament specifically on Phoenix issues.  This provided the opportunity to speak to MP’s on Phoenix pay issues that members are experiencing and discuss the current items PSAC has identified as measures the government needs to take to react to the Phoenix pay fiasco.


During the last reporting period I have attended and supported events within the region as well as WestMan Area Council events.  This included several events from working the PSAC booth at the Brandon and Area Labour Day Picnic to assisting Locals with elections.  Another event that stands out to me is attending the Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil, this event was deeply moving and educational to myself.  I continue to be available to all members and hope to be able to assist with issues as they arise.


Looking forward unfortunately the one of the largest issues would be the Phoenix pay problems.  With upcoming PSAC actions, events, and training on pay advocacy hopefully all members will continue to participate and we can push for some resolutions. 



In Solidarity,

Michael Weisgerber