MFL delegates condemn attack collective bargaining

More than 400 delegates at the 41st Manitoba Federation of Labour Convention, being held this weekend in Brandon, unanimously passed an emergency resolution today condemning the Conservatives for undermining collective bargaining with Bill C-59. Read the full text of the resolution below.

Marianne Hladun, Prairies Regional Executive Vice-President, spoke to the resolution from convention floor before the vote. "We are inspired, motivated and mobilized toward one goal––the defeat of the federal Conservatives on October 19," she said. "I hope for unanimous support, not just on this resolution, but for working together on October 19."

Emergency Resolution #2
From PSAC to the MFL Convention
May 2015

WHEREAS the federal government tabled Budget Implement Act (Bill C-59) on May 7, authorizing Treasury Board to modify collective agreements circumventing the Public Service Labour Relations Act; and

WHEREAS federal Conservatives have repeatedly adopted legislation undermining the rights, benefits, health and safety and collective agreements of PSAC members; and

WHEREAS this government has already violated our constitutional right to collective bargaining through budget implementation legislation; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the MFL and affiliates condemn the Conservatives for undermining the collective bargaining and their intention to take away members’ negotiated sick leave benefits; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the MFL and affiliates work to elect a federal government that respects workers, unions and public services, and that governs for the benefit of all Canadians; and oppose any government actions that compromise the rights of union members and our entrenched Charter right to free collective bargaining.