Winnipeg RWC Mtg Minutes (May 19 2010)

Attended: Vimbai Dune, Darlene McClure, Dawn MacAuley, Gloria Kelly, Cathy Moar, Alisha Bigelow

Regrets: Tina Matias-Bouchard, Carol Selby, Karon Sackney, Deanna Kimball

Call to order: 5:25 pm


Adoption of Agenda: M/S Darlene & Vimbai

Acceptance of Minutes of previous meeting: M/S Darlene & Cathy

Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee Treasurer’s Report: Accepted as read. M/S Alisha & Darlene

New Business:
- National Women’s Conference Delegate Elections:
Darlene McClure – Delegate
Vimbai Dune – 1st Alternate
Dawn MacAuley – 2nd Alternate

- NWC and Regional Women’s Conference Resolutions:
National call out Resolution: National Child Care Program ….change wording to read: Whereas the federal government continues to refuse to establish a National Child Care Program.

Alisha to discuss with someone regarding the writing of her Resolution which is Bill C3.

Gloria to give Pension Reform info to me via e-mail. She suggested we put forth our resolutions (child care, Bill C3 & Pension Reform) through our components so the Resolutions Committee will see consistency.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 5:15 pm

Meeting Adjourned: 6:00 pm

Our Organization: