Manitobans Against the Budget Bill C-38

Ongoing organizing and resistance to the 425 page omnibus federal budget bill, C-38:

  • Sat. June 9, 7 p.m. – Pots and Pans Parade with info distribution to the residents of Winnipeg South Centre, whose MP is Joyce Bateman. Meet in the piazza just south of Corydon on Hugo, behind Colosseo restaurant.
  • Sat. June 9 – Tues. June 12 – “Joyce has a Choice” Part 1: Information distribution in groups or as individuals. E-mail to help out in Osborne Village, Corydon Village, S. Osborne, or Wildewood Park Areas. door to door or on busy street corners.
  • Wed. June 13, 4-6 p.m. – “Joyce has a Choice” Part 2: Information picket and rally (National Day of Action) at 611 Corydon. Let Joyce Bateman know she can do the respectable thing and refuse to vote for the budget or demand it is split up into many smaller bills.

Read more about the ad-hoc citizens’ group Manitobans Against the Budget Bill C-38 on Facebook.