Manitoba Course Registration

Members - Sign up for education courses that interest you by completing this online registration form.

Please note that the following PSAC Policies are in effect for all union events:

  • Family Care Policy is intended to assist members in covering additional costs incurred as a direct result of attending an authorized PSAC event. 
  • Accessibility: Participants with Special Needs: PSAC is committed to ensuring that the accessibility and dietary requirements of our members are respected.  Please notify us of any necessary information that will assist us in meeting your special needs.
  • All PSAC functions are smoke-free & scent-free. Participants are asked to avoid the use of scented products such as perfumes and aftershaves when attending PSAC events.
  • Prairies Course Administration and PSAC Travel Policy 
  • Treasury Board Members Only - members covered by PA, SV, TC & EB Collective Agreements (C.A.s), need to request Leave With Pay as per article 14 in your C.A.s

If you have any questions please contact us at the Winnipeg Regional Office at (204) 947-1601 or toll-free at 1-866-393-7722 or email us. Fields marked with an asterisk * are required.

Due to a high number of no shows, members must register separately for each individual course
e.g. R3C 3R8
All Manitoba PSAC Local Numbers start with a 5 followed by 4 digits.
See the Family Care Policy link above.
Distance traveled from your work or home to the course location - PSAC Winnipeg Regional Office (175 Hargrave Street)
Total number of kilometers (round-trip) to course & back home
If you are in Travel Status, a hotel reservation will be made for you by the Regina Regional Office, or you may choose to stay at a private accommodation as per the PSAC Travel Policy (see link above).
Members who are scheduled to work during course hours are entitled to claim Loss of Salary costs; as claimed under your Leave Without Pay for Union Purposes.

For Treasury Board Members Only - Leave With Pay Request to attend Union Courses.  For TB Members who are under the following Collective Agreements (C.A.s): PA - Program & Administrative Services; SV - Operational Services; TC - Technical Services; EB - Education & Library Science; as per Article 14.13, please indicate below the dates & times applicable for your request for Leave With Pay to attend this scheduled Union Course. 

TB Leave With Pay period: applicable date(s) & times needed to attend the scheduled union course. This is your scheduled time at work that you require Leave With Pay for.
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