Federal Budget Letter from Robyn Benson

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

After much anticipation and speculation, the Conservative government has released a regressive federal budget that outlines severe cuts to the public services we provide in our communities, and that all Canadians rely on. 

This government will cut seven per cent of the operating budget and more than 19,000 jobs, which will be devastating to Canadians and will seriously harm our economy. 

Unfortunately, because this government has been so secretive, we still don’t know exactly where the cuts will happen or how it will affect us in the Prairies.  So we need your help, Brothers and Sisters, to shed some light on the cuts and prepare ourselves for what’s ahead. We need to work together and share our experiences.

Please email me directly with any information you have about how the cuts will be rolled out, when they will be rolled out, and who will be affected in your workplaces, now and as the weeks progress.

Though the Conservative government claims the majority of the cuts will be in the National Capital Region, they have yet to give us reason to trust their word, as evidenced in this budget where they have reneged on their previous promise to leave our members’ pensions untouched.

Regardless of where the cuts crop up, I believe Canadians will feel the cuts from
coast to coast to coast.

In Solidarity,

Robyn Benson
Regional Executive VicePresident
Public Service Alliance of Canada, Prairies

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