Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Sept 15 2015

In Attendance:
–    Diane White                              – Dorothy McRae                                          
–    Krysty Munns                            – Stephanie Erb
–    Lyn Paterson                             – Dolly Ablitt

1.    Call to Order – L. Paterson 6:00pm    

2.    Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c
       D. White/K. Munns/C

3.    Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes: m/s/c
       K. Munns/D.White/C

4.    Financial Report and update on Budget Requests
       –    Motion to accept budget as presented
       K. Munns/S. Erb/C 

5.    New and Ongoing Business
       –    Vote ChildCare Week of Action: Candy bags and information handouts were very successful.
       –    May 19th Day of Action: Sherry met with MP Jim Hillyer, went as well as could be expected.
       –    Labour Day Picnic: 750 burgers/hot dogs handed out. The bouncy castle was a big hit and more families attended and stayed this year. A huge success!
       –    Take Back the Night/Sisters in Spirit:This year the events have been combined and will be held on Oct. 4th at Galt Gardens. Krysty handed out posters.
       –    Soup Sisters: A night to get together and make soup to be donated to such community organizations such as YWCA Harbour House, Woods Homes and Blackfoot Community Lodge. It costs $55per person to participate. REVP has approved two committee members to attend however all dates have been booked up until April 2016. Lyn to include in budget request for next year.  
       –    Persons Day Breakfast: Motion to write a cheque for $300.00to the Canadian Federation of University Women to help pay for the guest speaker ($200) and five tickets ($100). K. Munns. S. Erb/ C
       –    Member Education: Grievance Handling Course coming up, need more people to sign up from Lethbridge and Area. Union Development Program is taking applications. 
       –    Meeting Dates and Times: Oct 20th at Sisters Pub at 5:30pm. Nov. 10th Location TBD at 5:30. Dec meeting to be held in conjunction with PSAC Stewards meeting-Lyn to coordinate with PSAC office on location and time.

6.    Varia:
       –    UFCW is asking for assistance in helping collect shoes to represent the murdered and missing Aboriginal women in order to raise awareness. They ar going to hold an event on Dec. 6th and are asking us to join them. Lyn to contact Cindy Lou from UFCW; Dolly will send contact information. 
       –    Action Plan Items: Love and Records Event: lots of great conversations with the public re: voting and public services. Parade: very well received. Krysty has sent lots of photos to PSAC regional office.

7.    Actions: 




D. White

Call Beauty From the Inside Out Program about sponsorship


L. Paterson

Coordinate with PSAC office Re: Room for Dec meeting


K. Munns

Deliver cheques for Sisters in Spirit and Persons Day


L. Paterson

Contact UFCW re: shoe campaign/Dec. 6th event


8.    Next meeting date, time and location:
       October 20th – 5:30pm – Sisters Pub

9.    Agenda for next meeting: 
       •    Adoption of Agenda:
       •    Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes
       •    Financial Report and update on Budget requests
       •    New and Ongoing Business
       •    Varia

10.    Adjournment D. White/ L. Paterson/C 7:05pm