Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – 10 May 2016

Attendance: Little – Chair; Krysty Munns – Secretary/Treasurer; Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Staff; Diane White; Stephanie Erb

Attendance:                                                    Regrets:

– Little – Chair                                                  – Dorothy McRae
– Krysty Munns – Secretary/Treasurer
– Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Staff
– Diane White
– Stephanie Erb

  1. Call to Order: S. Little 5:37pm
  2. Approval April Minutes –
    • Change Shannon to Shannan
    • M/S/C – K. Munns/D. White/C
  3. Approval of Agenda
    • M/S/C – K. Munns/D. White/C
  4. Financial Report and update on Budget Allocation
    • Opening balance $1190.66
    • Payment of pool expenses $617.25
    • Closing balance $508.41
    • 2016 Allocation: $2775
    • Total working budget for remainder of 2016: $3283.41
  5. AFL Childcare Lobby Day Update
    • Krysty traveled to Edmonton regarding AFL’s ‘A Fair Start’ Campaign – http://www.fairstartalberta.ca
    • This campaign is aimed at petitioning the government to:                                                       

           i.  Re-instate child-care monitoring programs that were eliminated under a previous government.

           ii.   Conduct a full-scale review of Alberta’s child-care system as it stands;

           iii.     Create regulated child-care centres at government offices; and

           iv.     Reaffirm a commitment to quality, accessible, regulated child care for all Alberta families

  • Calgary RWC wants to do a Southern Alberta campaign
  • Online postcard to get national attention
  • Looking to work with Lethbridge RWC on this – touch base at regional seminar in Winnipeg

  6. ​New and Ongoing Business

  •  Prairie Regional Women’s Conference – June 10-12 Winnipeg
    • Regional caucus
      • 55 women at the conference
      • Waiting on confirmation of speakers
      • Will start Friday evening
      • Susan Prentice – will speak on chil]dcare
      • Updated childcare lobby information kit
      • Workshop related to domestic violence
  • 2016 PSAC Regional Women’s Conferences: Call for Resolutions – Deadline June 1

Resolution 1: Change the health provision – to change birth control provision and overall reproductive health with Sun Life

  • Dennie Moore – article http://www.thetyee.ca/News/2015/04/27/Pill-Health-Care-Plans/
  • Need to research when health negotiations open, how can we bring awareness to this
  • Ask for money to promote a campaign among our members
  • Need to ensure the resolution speaks to creating an awareness campaign, literature to educate our members
  • Research hormonal and menopause/hormonal replacement options – make the ask more broad
  • $25,000 per region/per cycle = $5000/year

Resolution 2: Include language in our protective agreement that protects women in the workplace regarding domestic abuse. Education programs

Resolution 3: Family Care Policy

  • Remove boundaries related to same address issues. Same house = no coverage.
  • Children under a certain age, have the option to bring children and PSAC pay.

Resolution 4: Update the HERstory and Women’s Committee handbook

a) 2016 PSAC National Health & Safety Conference: Call for Resolutions – Deadline June

b) Dragon boat Call out

  • Share among workplace encourage to contact Krysty

c) Beauty from the Inside Out – Graduation information – June 6th

  • Talked to Renee – like to invite us to Graduation at June 6th.
  • Starts at 6:30.
  • Try to bring someone who would like to sponsor another girl.

d) Input Call for Public Service Dental Plan – June 10, 2016

  • Encourage everyone to do the survey

e) Pride parade and Pride in the Park June 25th

  • LDLC will be walking in the parade
  • Parade June 25th

f) LDLC Labour Day BBQ – September 5th

  • ​Bouncy castle
  • CLC will cover insurance

g) Whoop Up Day parade – August 23rd (Early bird registration – June 30th)

  • LDLC hasn’t committed in it
  • Will update at a later date

  7. Varia

      7.1. Website/Calendar update

  • Updated newsletter
  • Shannan’s notes

     7.2. Harsha Waila – May 18th (Lethbridge Public Library)

  8. Actions: 




S. Little, K. Munns, D. White, D. McRae

Write Resolutions

 June 1st




   9. Next meeting date, time and location: TBD – Regularly meeting time is during Women’s Conference.

  10. Agenda for next meeting:

  • Approval of the Agenda
  • Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
  • Financial Report
  • New and Ongoing business

  11. Adjournment 6:40pm – K. Munns/D. White/C