Krysty Thomas PRC Report May 2019

Krysty Thomas

Lethbridge Area Council Rep

Prairie Region Council May 2019


The theme of this term was Phoenix, bargaining and the Alberta provincial election.


Phoenix Actions:

Shortly after the PRC Face-to-Face meeting in November the Lethbridge and District Area Council (LDAC) organized the “Payday Pizza Picket” in support of Phoenix. This rally was held at lunchtime on November 14th outside MP Racheal Harder’s office to demonstrate our frustration over the Phoenix Pay System. We had approximately 45 people in attendance from both the public and our membership. Two different media outlets (CTV and Lethbridge Herald) were present and our event ended up on the front page of the Lethbridge Herald. Ms. Harder was unable to attend but prepared a letter of support about the Phoenix issue and forwarded that to the Finance Minister on our behalf.


Bargaining Actions and Lobbying:

I participated in two bargaining webinars this term. One presented by the REVP’s office and the other Magali Picard. Myself and Br. Joel Bermack (UTE) lobbied our MP, Racheal Harder on March 13 to discuss the current situation with Treasury Board (TB) and CRA bargaining. The meeting was very constructive and MP Harder followed up with a letter to Minister Joyce Murray, President of the Treasury Board encouraging her to ensure a new collective agreement is completed prior to the House rising for the next general election. Lobby reports and copies of the letter have been forwarded to the Regional Office.

On February 26, I was in Ottawa to take part in the CLC Lobby Day around pension reform and Pharmacare. There was a mandatory PSAC training session regarding bargaining lobbying.  Throughout the day was scheduled to meet with three senators and one MP so I was only able to bring up TB bargaining in the meeting with the MP John Barlow, Conservative MP and Shadow Minister of Labour. Unfortunately he didn’t commit to any actions but did say that going forward his party would like to have a better relationship with labour. He acknowledged that the way the Conservative Party of Canada treated Labour under Steven Harper was disrespectful and that as shadow Minister of Labour he vows to never go down that road again. He mentioned that if the Conservatives form government in the next election that he would like to start off on the right footing with labour. He mentioned that the attacks on labour through the final bills that were put through when the Conservatives were in power were not a way to build respectful relationships. He mentioned that he would welcome the opportunity to talk with the Alberta Federation of Labour on ways to work together in the future.

Alberta Provincial Election:

The LDAC promoted the Election Town Halls for Union Members that took place April 1st at the Galt Museum in Lethbridge. This event centred around What’s at Stake for Alberta’s provincial election. There was a panel of speakers including President of the Alberta Federation of Labour, Gil McGowan as well as other union leaders including: Heather Smith, United Nurses Association President, Mike Parker, Health Sciences Association of Alberta President, and Doug O’Halloran, UFCW 401 President. Several members of the LDAC were in attendance.

As President of the LDAC I helped to review and endorse a special edition of Union Voice: Alberta Election Edition that was sent to all Alberta PASC members before the provincial election that took place April 16th.

I was a PSAC delegate to the 51st Constitutional Convention of the Alberta Federation of Labour that was held April 30th – May 5, 2019 in Calgary. I had the honor of serving on three committees including the general resolution committee, credentials committee and the balloting committee. The week was full of engaging and motivating speakers and workshops related to Labour’s plan to combat the “Summer of Repeal” as promised by Jason Kenny and the newly elected UCP government. At convention was I elected at Vice-President to the AFL Executive Committee and Council.


Should you have any questions about my report, please contact me directly at or phone 403.393.2688.


Activities since last report:


November 2-4:        Attended the PRC Face-to-Face Meeting, Winnipeg MB

November 14:         Burnt by Phoenix Payday Picket, MP Racheal Harder’s office, Lethbridge, AB.

November 21:         Local’s (AGR 30048) Annual General Meeting

November 29:         Canadian Labour International Film Festival, Lethbridge

December 2-4:        Political Action Training, Edmonton

December 6:           National Day of Action for Violence Against Women Event, Lethbridge YWCA

December 6:           Prairie PSAC Education Consultation, Lethbridge

December 10:         Amnesty International Write for Rights, Human Rights Day, Lethbridge

December 11:         Participated in workplace UMC meetings

January 8:                AFL Conference call

January 9:                Lethbridge and District Labour Council Monthly Meeting

January 10:             Prairie Region Webinar on Treasury Board Bargaining

January 19:             March On Lethbridge, Annual Women’s March/Rally, Lethbridge

January 22:             Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee – Volunteer Social

January 23-24:       Alberta Federation of Labour Executive and Council Meetings, Calgary

February 4:              Lethbridge and District Area Council Meeting – Regular Meeting   

February 5:              Local 30048 – Regular Meeting

February 7:              PRC Conference call

February 13:            Lethbridge and District Labour Council Monthly Meeting

February 25-26:      CLC Lobby Day Ottawa, Pharmacare, TB bargaining, and Pension Reform

March 4:                   Lethbridge and District Area Council Meeting – Regular Meeting

March 4:                   Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee – Regular Meeting

March 8:                   International Women’s Day Workplace action

March 8-10:             Agriculture Alberta Regional Seminar, Lethbridge

March 12:                 Participated in workplace UMC meetings

March 13:                 Lobby MP Rachel Harder about bargaining

March 13:                 Lethbridge and District Area Council Meeting – Regular Meeting

March 19:                 Timeout Tuesday – workplace action around bargaining

March 21:                 National Human Rights Committee, Agriculture Union Conference call

March 22:                 Alberta Workers Health Centre – Health and Safety workshop, Lethbridge

April 1:                      Election Town Halls for Union Members, Lethbridge

April 4:                       Leaders Tour, Chris Aylward, Magali Picard, and Marianne Hladun, work place tour

April 10:                    Lethbridge and District Labour Council Monthly Meeting

April 17:                    Bargaining Webinar with National VP Magali Picard

April 27:                    PRC Finance review, all day conference call

April 28:                    Attended the Lethbridge Day of Mourning Ceremony, Mountain View Cemetery

April 30:                    Alberta Federation of Labour Executive and Council Meetings, Calgary

May 1:                       AFL Pre-Convention Committee Meetings

May 1:                       PSAC May Day Rally, Calgary AB

May 2-5:                    AFL Convention

May 8:                       Lethbridge and District Labour Council Monthly Meeting

May 9:                       PRC Conference Call

May 15:                     National Human Rights Committee, Agriculture Union Conference call



May 24-26:               PRC Face-to-Face Meetings, Winnipeg

May 25:                     Winnipeg General Strike Commemoration

June 4:                      Regular Meeting of the Lethbridge and District Labour Council

June 4:                      Regular Meeting of the Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee

June 20-24:              National Human Rights Committee Face-to-Face, Agriculture Union Conference

June 24-26:              AFL Strategic Planning Session


In Solidary –


Krysty Thomas

PSAC Lethbridge and District Area Council President