Kristy Slattery PRC Report November 2019

Kristy Slattery

Southern Alberta Geographical Rep

Prairie Region Council November 2019


My report as Southern Alberta Geographical Rep is sadly not very extensive as the summer is a busy time for my work and family and a slower time for my involvement in union activities.

I have continued my role as the Chair of the Lethbridge Regional Women’s Chair and we have seen new great members join our group. I was re acclaimed as Chair at our AGM on June 24 2019.

I was able to attend the PSAC Health and Safety Mini School in Calgary May 31- June 2.

My biggest focus has been helping my new local stewards at Coutts and showing support locally for our bargaining team.

I was able to attend The Person’s Day Breakfast with a few members of the LRWC and was asked to participate in the “quiz” to give away center pieces.

This concludes my report.

Kris (Kristy) Slattery