Kim Haynes PRC Report (Sept. 2014)

Report of the Persons With Disabilities Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the September 2014 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Kim Haynes
Persons with Disabilities Rep
Prairie Region Council September 2014

Prior to being elected the chair of this committee I stressed on how important it is to gather information and then make it really available in a user friend manner.

Knowing that this is just not a one person’s job – we Peter (1st delegate) & Bob (2nd delegate) and I decided that we would work together to help the members with disabilities find the resource to address concerns that they have.  During the “banquet” others in our caucuses came to me and volunteered their names for assistance.

Prior to leaving the convention we were told that we could not have a list and email address for those in our caucuses and Regional Reps.   Hopefully that this was just a misunderstanding.

But that did not stop this team.  We have been researching and finding awesome links to assist members and other who have Disabilities concerns.

– Now we need the resources to advertise these links. 

– Put names to people who have & won concerns in their fights.

I would like sometime – to talk to our people who look after our website – also there is a strong possibility of wanting to create another site.   Would that not be great for “UNIONS”?   As always looking after others.  And especially PSAC, as right now we need to have a very “positive” view in the general public eye.

Policies are needed.  And some components do not have any.   So we would like to gather what is out there – shake them up and try to create a genetic format.  Then the components can take the format and shag it to suit their needs.

Interneting with others will be really important for our team (PWD), as we do not want to reinvent the “wheel”.   So we need names of your component reps & local reps.