Jennifer Chieh Ho Bio

Jennifer Chieh Ho was elected as the Regional Representative for the Racially Visible Members and the Second Alternate REVP, at the June 2021 PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention.

Since 2008, Jennifer has been actively engaged in union and social justice activism:  lobbying MPs and MLAs, advocating for human rights issues, community involvement and working with members.  She is proud to be the first racialized UNE Regional Vice President  in the  Manitoba Region, and the Chair of the PSAC Winnipeg and Area Human Rights Committee.  She is also involved with Winnipeg based community organizations. 

Jennifer moved from BC to Winnipeg in 2019.   Prior to that, Jennifer was very involved with the PSAC BC region, the UNE component, BC Federation of Labour, and community organizations. She was the founder of the Annual Candle-Light Vigil to mark December 6 –  National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, in Surrey, BC

Jennifer was proud to be the first racialized Regional Vice President elected for the UNE BC/Yukon Region.  She served on the PSAC BC Regional Council for two terms as the Racially Visible Member’s representative.  Jennifer sat on the BC Federation of Labour as the Equity representative for Workers of Colour.

Jennifer was a graduate of UDP in 2010 and a graduate of the Canadian Labour Congress Labour College in 2011.  She is an active Union Co-Facilitator with the Joint Learning Program.

Jennifer believes networking with union members and community organizations is important, as it provides momentum for active participation for all to engage and openings for allyship.   She believes that communication is key and she will create opportunities for racialized members to engage in conversation and activism.   

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

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