2021 Prairies Regional Health & Safety Conference:Strengthening Skills and Knowledge of Health and Safety Activists to Face Today’s Challenges

Thursday November 18 – Evening – Saturday, November 20

Due to pandemic restrictions, this conference will be held in a virtual and interactive setting. We will use a wide variety of interactive methods to provide and gather information in a manner that will resonate with, inspire and motivate participants.

We will strengthen the capacity of workplace health and safety activists through the review and discussion on concepts involving internal conflict resolution, self care, and compassion fatigue. We will also strive to provide the latest and most timely information on workplace pandemic responses and post pandemic return to work protocols. Additional topics will be generated through responses and recommendations to come from this application process. This will be accomplished through a focus on supporting all of those with an active role in advocating for the health and safety of our members.

Agenda: Thursday, November 18 – Evening – 2 Hours
Friday, November 19 & Saturday November 20 – 9am – 5pm MB/SK – 8am – 4pm AB
* Agenda start/finish times subject to change’*

Sessions: To be determined

Registration Deadline: Friday, September 24, 2021