H&S Conference Documents & Downloads

Delegates to the 2012 Prairie Region Health & Safety Conference were presented with a variety of materials and information, both verbally and as handouts. We’ve included all the releveant information below for the benefit of all Prairies members. The materials are described, followed by links to download the PDFs.

Workforce Employer’s Guide

Introduced as part of the presentation on Mental Health First Aid, by Sjors Reijers of the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). This action guide is based on the idea of protecting employees’ psychological health and safety and is mainly intended for employers and HR personnel who are considering programs and policies to improve psychological health in their organizations. It will walk with you through the steps of planning and implementing workplace interventions to protect psychological health and safety.

MHFA Presentation

Download the slides used by Sjors Reijers in his presentation of the Mental Health First Aid program. Topics covered include the state of mental health in Canada, mental health in the workplace strategies and tools, and mental health first aid.

MHFA Intro Brochure

A brochure distributed to delegates that gives an introduction to the Mental Health First Aid Program course. People can have mental health emergencies and it is important that every Canadian knows how to provide help. Mental Health First Aid Canada is a program everyone can take so they are able to assist. 

Violence Prevention in the Workplace

This PowerPoint presentation give an indepth look into the steps and actions to take to prevent or deal with violence in the workplace. Excerpts from this presentation, adapted from a national template, were presented as part of the Regulation 20: Violence Prevention in the Workplace workshop.

Abestos Presentation

The PowerPoint presentation that was displayed to PSAC’s National Board of Directors, and again to delegates at the H&S Conference. The presentation outlines the history of asbestos and it’s uses, Canada’s export of asbestos, the asbestos legacy in Quebec, and a PSAC asbestos resolution.

Links to more information and videos regarding asbestos awareness are included below.

Additional Resources

The following materials were referenced in various aspects of the H&S Conference, and are useful resources for background information and a more indepth look at violence prevention.

  • Harrassment & Bullying – Good background information on workplace violence, including harrassment and bullying, as developed by PSAC’s Agriculture Union.
  • Guide to Violence Prevention in the Workplace – Developed by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, which is designed to assist employers, members of a policy or workplace committee, or health and safety repreesentatives in preventing workplace violence as prescribed by the requirements of the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Seeking Government Enforcement of Violence Prevention in the Workplace – A resource developed by PSAC nationally, as a tool to help us achieve government enforcement.
  • Seeking Government Enforcement of Hazard Prevention – A resource developed by PSAC nationally, as a tool to help us achieve government enforcement.

Further Asbestos Links & Information

This video shows PSAC members Audrey Berloven and Karen Zoller, sister and friend, respectively, of retired PSAC member Howard Willems, addressing Don Morgan, MLA Saskatoon Southeast and Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, about asbestos at the 2012 Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Convention. They call on Minister Morgan and the Saskatchewan Party to protect the citizens of Saskatchewan from asbestos and asbestos related illnesses, like the one Howard succumbed to just days after the Convention.

Also from the 2012 Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Convention, a video of Howard Willem’s sister Audrey Berloven speaking to Convention delegates about the Saskatchewan Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (SADAO) and asbestos protection, intended to be presented by Howard.

Finally, a video from the 2012 Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Convention showing the presentation of SFL’s Bob Sass Award, honouring Howard Willems for his commitment and hard work to workplace safety, and dedication to the issue of asbestos awareness.

Download the Materials: