Gus Mardli Report July 2017

Greetings everyone,

It has been an honour and a privilege to be re-elected to this position at the last Prairie Region Triennial Convention. I am looking forward to work with each and every local in my geographical area this term and be their voice on the Prairie Region Council.

Here is a list of activities I participated in:

On May 1st, I participated in celebrating the International Worker Day (May Day) that was sponsored by the Winnipeg Labour Council. I promoted the event to activists in South East Manitoba and we rallied at the Legislative Building and marched to say: No To The Agenda Of Austerity, Privatization And Cuts To Jobs And Social Spending.

May 3 – Attended the Winnipeg Area Council’s AGM.

May 6 – I attended an event at the Forks in Winnipeg that was organized by Communities Not Cuts ( and other unions in Manitoba.

May 30 – Attended the Human Rights Committee’s meeting where we got the Pride Parade swags ready for the Winnipeg Pride.

June 4 – Participated with the decoration of the PSAC Pride Float. This was the 30 year anniversary of the Winnipeg Pride Parade. We had the largest turnout that we ever have seen for this event.

June 7 – I attended a Winnipeg Area Council’s meeting.

June 14 – I volunteered at the National Public Service Week Rally that was organized by The Winnipeg Area Council. This event was to recognize the great work our members in the Winnipeg area have done and continue to do as they boycott the NPSW events held by their employers. The rally started at the Manitoba Legislature and marched to Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park. We had barbecued Hot Dogs and refreshments where Sister Benson helped with barbecuing and was the guest speaker.

June 18, Father’s Day, I volunteered with the Winnipeg Area Council at the annual Manitoba Marathon event. Eleven of us PSAC members greeted and served Relay Runners at their exchange zone. We offered them Gator Aid, Water, juice boxes and bagels.

June 11 – The Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee sponsored a presentation by the Bear Clan Patrol’s founder, James Favel. The presentation wasn’t limited to only our

PSAC Sisters but it was open to all Brothers as well. The Bear Clan Patrol mission is to help and promote the restoration and maintenance of harmony within the community by providing safety, conflict resolution, mobile witnessing, maintaining a visible presence on the streets, providing an early response to situations, as well as providing rides, escorts and referrals. Thanks to the Regional Women’s Committee for accommodating us to learn about the great things this organization has been doing.

I am looking forward to an exciting three year cycle with PRC and I wish all PRC members a productive and fun-filled 3 year term.


Respectfully Submitted

Gus Mardli