Greg Krokosh Bio

Greg has been a Union member for over 23 years and has held many positions locally (Local President and Chief Shop Steward) and Regionally (Area Council President, member of the Prairie Region Council and 8 months in 2008 as a PSAC Term Regional Representative). Greg was elected as the Alternate Regional Vice-President for the Rocky Mountains Region at the 2011 Union of Taxation Employees Triennial Convention and became the Regional Vice-President in February 2016. Greg is responsible for the Edmonton, Calgary, Calgary Call Centre, Saskatoon and Lethbridge Locals. This spring Greg volunteered and was selected as a member of the National Bargaining Committee and eventually was selected as a member of the PSAC/UTE Bargaining Team. Greg watched the tremendous efforts of the last Bargaining Team and felt that he had to put his name forward to do his part to ensure that the membership could get the best contract possible. The support of the membership is critical and will determine the contract we will get.


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