Glen Johnston Report July 2017

At the end of the 2017 Prairie Region Triennial Convention I assumed the position of the WMAC Representative to the PRC and took the Oath of Office along with the rest of the Council members and Alternates.

The first meeting of the WMAC after Convention was held on the 20th of Jun 2017 but I was unable to attend due to illness.

As the Treasurer of the Council I had submitted a question regarding the bank statements and how the Regional Office was going to deal with missing statements. As the bank is sending all statements to the Winnipeg RO is it incumbent upon the WMAC to retrieve the missing statements and if there is a cost who would be responsible to reimburse the bank.

As the WMAC Rep to PRC I will be bringing these questions to the Council meeting in Saskatoon to seek answers.

There was also a Pride Parade held in Brandon on the 17th of June, unfortunately the Council was not aware that this event was talking place until a couple of days prior to the event. Last minute attempts to get participants did not pan out but the Council hopes to be participants in future events.


Respectfully submitted,

Glen Johnston

WMAC Rep to the PRC



Report submitted after the deadline