Get involved with the Green Economy Network locally

As a result of a major strategy conference held in Toronto last November, the Green Economy Network (GEN) is working with representatives of local and regional groups such as unions, environment groups, social justice networks, First Nations, and youth organizations, plus representatives from GEN member groups. This composition will vary from region to region.

The PSAC Prairie Region is looking for members who have a genuine interest in the environment, who would be inspired to participate in this joint venture. Union activism would be a bonus, but a passion for the environment, along with a motivation to enact change, would be most beneficial.

Currently, Winnipeg and Edmonton have had preliminary roundtable discussions and now have active networks, with more areas to follow. The next scheduled meeting for Edmonton will be on September 18, and a September date for Winnipeg has yet to be determined.

We are looking for members throughout the Prairie Region to become involved, whether your area has held the preliminary roundtable discussions or not. We will connect Prairies members with contacts in their respective communities. Meetings will most likely be four times per year.

The Green Economy Network is involved in campaigns on these three fronts:

  1. Clean, safe transportation - including public transit and higher speed rail;
  2. Clean, renewable energy - like solar, wind, and geothermal power; and
  3. Greener building construction - for energy efficiency through retrofits.

These initiatives would help protect our environment while creating thousands and thousands of jobs.

A series of regional roundtable events in collaboration with regional partner groups will be held across the country in 2014-15. The main objectives of these roundtables are three-fold:

  • To share more information about what regional groups are already doing in their area to facilitate the transition to, and the building up, of a more sustainable economy in response to the challenge of climate change;
  • To promote the GEN's One Million Climate Jobs campaign and its pillars [renewable energy, green buildings, public transit, higher speed rail], in the hopes of encouraging regional participation & support;
  • To create a real networking process for building viable partnerships and campaign strategies around local and regional climate jobs projects and a national campaign for 'one million climate jobs' where desirable and possible.

To get involved, please contact Clint Wirth, PSAC Prairies Regional Representative - Health & Safety, by email or by phone at 204-947-1601.