PHOENIX - Pay Advocate Training - March 15, 2018

March 15, 2018
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
To be determined - Saskatoon or Prince Albert, , Saskatchewan (Map)
Sign-up Deadline: 
March 10, 2018
Register online:
Sent Via blind cc to all Northern Saskatchewan Locals.
Greetings Brothers & Sisters:
In conjunction with many other Phoenix related events, the PSAC Saskatoon Regional Office is pleased to offer Phoenix –Pay Advocate Training.
This one day training is being offered to support and augment some of the other Phoenix related initiatives in the region, such as workplace lunch sessions, webinars, rallies, lobbying campaigns, as well as other actions. The objective of this training is to educate members who may have experience or an understanding of the Phoenix pay system, and to help them support members with Phoenix related pay issues. It is important to note that pay advocates will not be responsible for resolving issues, but rather to ensure all members in their respective workplaces are aware of the processes that are available. 
This training will address the following: 
• orient Pay Advocates to the union
• provide an overview of Phoenix debacle
• provide a current overview of how the PSAC has countered
• explain the strategy PSAC is adopting to address Phoenix
• explore advocacy – what to do or not to do
• where to go from here as a Pay Advocate
Ideally, each local should have a minimum of 2-3 trained Pay Advocates which could be Local Exec, Stewards, or members with experience in resolving Phoenix issues and who are willing to provide assistance to members in their locals.   The Regional Reps will be contacting each Local looking for participants.  Costs for travel and loss of salary to attend the event will be covered by PSAC once preapproved. Lunch will also be provided. 
Please register online.