Education event logistics

PSAC Education is offered in the Prairies year-round, and we want to make sure that everyone has opportunity to join a course or workshop. 

  • We recognize that not everyone lives in close proximity to the five regional offices located, in the three Prairie provinces, and may need to travel – please take a look at the travel policy. 
  • If you have responsibilities for family care, please take a look at what options may be available for you. 
  • We ensure that no member will incur Loss of Salary or annual/Vacation Leave in order to attend a course.
  • There are a variety of policies that are in place during courses that help keep all members safe.


If you have received a confirmation for a course and circumstances require you to cancel your participation, please let your host regional office know as soon as possible.  Your notice may allow another member (on a waiting list) to participate.

Salaries and Expenses
PSAC Policies