EdmontonArea Council: Meeting Minutes – Jul 6, 2017

Area Council Committees engage with PSAC campaigns, lobby politicians ans raise awareness of issues affecting our members, workers and the Canadian Public. Check out these minutes for current actions and events.

Northern Alberta Regional Area Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday July 6, 2017


In Attendance:

Carm Chan, Regional PSAC Rep

Darlene Lewis, Chair

Chris Beaton, Geographic Rep

Joe Sunu


Stasi L’Hirondelle, Vice Chair

Kim Haynes, Treasurer


1. Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order @ 5:35 pm.

2.  Adoption of Agenda

3. Review of Last Minutes

Minutes were tabled

4. Finance Report

As regrets from Kim, Darlene Lewis read the balance from the bank statement which is kept at the Regional office. Balance of $2,100.80

5. Previous Business

  1. NPSW –  Event was well attended outside Canada Place on Tuesday June 12, 2017 for our Ice Cream event as well as K Division had about 60 members for their t turn out for the event as well.
  2. Political Action around Phoenix event/activity

Action – Chris to draft a cover letter to locals to have support with fix Phoenix (for    Phoenix Post cards).

  1. Resolutions – deadline to submit resolutions from committee is September 1, 2017.

 Action – Executive to come to next meeting with Resolution ideas.

Action – Carm was going to check as question was posed on RVP relocating from a   previous Resolution where it landed.

6.  New Business

Solidarity Brunch

Action – Darlene to check with dates for Kids In Hall and email with follow up just     amongst ourselves.

Action – Carm to email the invite group that was invited last year.

7. Varia

CBSA and UPCE are still in bargaining. Will be doing lobby training over the summer for both bargaining units. Will invite Regional committees to part take in the training. The committees can support by joining as part of the lobbying team. A Representative of the bargaining unit will speak on their behalf regarding their issues with the MP’s.

8.  Adjournment

6:30 pm next meeting tentative August 24, 2017