Edmonton YWC Mtg Minutes - Mar 19 2018

Edmonton Young Workers Meeting Minutes March 19, 2018

In Attendance:

Adrian Nelson, President

Tamara King, Treasurer

Dennis Holmwood, Secretary

Shweta Beesoon, Member

Staff in Attendance:

Nina Babcook


The Agenda was approved by consensus.

The minutes of the February 27,2018 meeting were approved by consensus.


Old Business:

Conference Social Night Planning

  • There will be 36 - 40 people attending the conference. We are estimating that 30 people will attend a social night.
  • It was agreed that the social would be held at a board game cafe near the host hotel. Adrian had spoken with the owner about booking the space and discussed fees. The normal fee for being at the cafe is $5.00/person for unlimited gaming. The owner is willing to provide a discount for a large group. The committee estimates it would cost about $150 to cover the $5.00 fee for all attendees.
  • There was discussion about food, and door prizes or prizes (movie tickets, board games books, an electronic item for a grand prize) for winning a tournament. It was agreed that participants would be expected to buy their own meals as PSAC is providing a per diem to out of town attendees. The committee may cover the cost of some snacks (ie candy, chips) at the conference.
  • It was agreed that the committee will propose that the committee cover the cost of admission to the event (approximately $150). The remaining budgeted amount will be used for a door prize (and ticket strips for a draw), snacks and door prizes.
  • Action items/follow up
    • Adrian will send an event proposal to Marianne for the funding.
    • Adrian and Shweta will meet with the board game cafe owner for planning and to discuss cost of snacks. 
    • Adrian will select items for prizes. One bigger ticket prize and several smaller prizes.
    • Shweta will make a poster/handbill for the event to include in delegate packages 

New Business:

Terms of Reference

  • Adrian will e-mail some proposals for the terms of reference to the e-mail list for further discussion. They will be based on the sample terms of reference for now.

Schedule Between Now and Conference

  • There won’t be another formal committee meeting before the conference.
  • On April 11th (tentatively) we will assemble the delegate packages for the conference.
  • Will inquire about LWOP starting earlier for committee members so they can assist with registration on the Friday the conference started.
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