Edmonton YWC Mtg Minutes - Feb 13 2018

Edmonton Young Workers Committee Notes for Feb 13 2018


Robyn Ohland GSU 30001 (Edmonton)

Shweta Beesoon UNE 30070 (Edmonton)

Dennis Holmwood USJE 30150 (Edmonton)

Sabino Spagnuolo CEIU 30876 (Vegreville)

Adrian Nelson CEIU 30851 (Edmonton)

Tamara King CEIU 30851 (Edmonton)

Mackenzie Campbell CEIU 50770 (Winnipeg)

Host Committee

Mackenzie explained that the duties of the host committee for the Young Workers Conference in April will be to organize a welcome table for the Friday night where conference attendees can pick up their welcome package, possibly organize a rally for Saturday for over the lunch break and to plan a social event for Saturday evening.

Nina also advised that there is $15 per person available for conference swag. Currently each person will receive a PSAC bag, water bottle and pen. Some ideas that were provided were portable battery packs, passport holder, key cuff/wrist wallet, scarves, stress balls, notebooks, folders, mugs, and/or tablet/phone stand. Follow up action: Nina will get some quotes and provide them back to the committee.

The welcome package will need to contain a list of nearby restaurants for lunch and supper, some attractions in Edmonton, and some events happening in and around the weekend.  Follow up action: Robyn and Adrian will work on this and provide it to the Regional Office (RO) by March 9.

A discussion took place regarding whether or not a rally would be feasible during the conference. Possible times could be Friday at lunch or after work. It was suggested that the host committee could do a plantgate and hand out flyers regarding young workers issues. This could potentially build momentum for a rally over the weekend. Follow up action: Shweta to create Google Group for tonight’s attendees to discuss further.

Ideas for a social event on Saturday included a pub night and/or dinner. It was suggested that the host committee ask attendees on Saturday morning who would be interested in the event so that a reservation could be made. Follow up action: tonight’s attendees will share suggested locations in the previously mentioned Google Group.


The ideas from the previous meeting were reviewed and Mackenzie shared the ideas that the Winnipeg Young Workers Committee planned at the previous night’s meeting.

Discussion ensued about holding regular social events. A small admission fee ($2-5) could be charged to help increase the committee’s budget. Events could include a movie and popcorn night whereupon organic conversations about union/workplace issues could occur afterwards. These events could be opened up to other unions. It was clarified that non-unionized places could be used, however, like-minded establishments should be used. Laser tag, climbing wall and BBQs were also suggested as social events.

The committee also discussed having $100 in the budget for campaign issues. The topic is to be determined.

Communication Strategy

Concerns were raised about engaging non-young workers when it comes to young workers issues, and how to communicate our message.

Currently communication is done via the PSAC Prairies Young Workers Rep facebook page, emails from the RO to the locals, and through emails directly to young workers who have shared their contact information with the PSAC Prairies Young Workers Rep.

Other suggested communication strategies is giving a 5 – 10 min presentation on the committee at PSAC courses, twitter page, GC Connex, and Instagram.

Mackenzie advised that an Instagram account for the PSAC Prairies Young Workers Rep will be created. Both the Winnipeg and Edmonton committees can share their information on it. It would be a good idea to come up with Edmonton Young Workers Committee specific hashtags.

Executive Elections

The results of the blind vote are:


Adrian Nelson – nominated by Sabino Spagnuolo and seconded by Dennis Holmwood

Robyn Ohland – nominated by Dennis Holmwood and seconded by Sabino Spagnuolo

  • Adrian was voted in as President.

Vice President

Robyn Ohland (withdrew) – nominated by Dennis Holmwood and seconded by Tamara King.

Sabino Spagnuolo – nominated by Robyn Ohland and seconded by Dennis Holmwood.

  • Sabino won by acclimation.


Robyn Ohland (withdrew) – nominated by ? and seconded by Dennis Holmwood.

Tamara King – nominated by Adrian Nelson and seconded by Robyn Ohland.

  • Tamara won by acclimation.


Dennis Holmwood – nominated by Sabino Spagnuolo and seconded by Adrian Nelson.

  • Dennis won by acclimation.

Motion to destroy the ballots by nominated by Sabino Spagnuolo and seconded by Adrian Nelson.

Next Meeting

The Executive will select the next meeting date. The call in coordinates will be changing so the promotional material should advise that members wanting to call in should contact a member of the executive. Follow up action: Mackenzie will attempt to share the www.canva.com poster that was used for the promotion of this meeting with Sabino. Sabino will design the poster for the next meeting and provide to Nina and Mackenzie to disseminate.

New Account Set up: We all agree to open an account at Servus Credit Union under the name Edmonton Young Workers Committee. We request that there be two signatures on all cheques written from this account.

Signing Authority:

We request and authorize the bank to add the following names whom have been elected and approved by this committee to hold signing authority. The newly executive for 2018 are as follows:  Adrian Nelson (President), Sabino Spagnuolo (Vice President), Tamara King (Treasurer).


Our Organization: