Edmonton Young Worker Committee: Meeting Minutes- October 23, 2018

The Edmonton Young Workers Committee helps to raise awareness on the issues young workers face. Check out these minutes!  

Edmonton Young Workers Committee Meeting Minutes October 23″‘, 2018 , 6:00 PM

PSAC Members in Attendance:

Adrien Nelson (President)
Sabino Spagnuolo (Vice-President)
Dennis Holmwood (Secretary) Ashton Burns

PSAC Staff in Attendance:
Anne Juneau

Called to Order at 6:05 New business:

  • Discussion on whether we should eliminate paper statements on bank account due to $3/month fee. Do we need a paper statement mailed to PSAC? Can we get read only access?
  • Anne will ask credit union about alternatives

Old Business

Terms of Reference

  • Reviewed terms of reference
  • Amend Structure d) to four times a year
  • Amend structure e) The committee shall report back to regional rep, not individual members reporting
  • Amend Mandate d) change to assist the PSAC – not just RVP Adrien moved the terms of reference be accepted as amended/Approved

New Business

Proposed Meeting Schedule

  • Agreed that at a minimum, meetings for 2019 will be held in the months of January, April, June, October. Exact date to be determined at the preceding meeting or by the president if not previously decided.

Social Media & Email Address

  • Sabino created e-mail address edmontonyoungworkerscommittee@gmail.com – will be used for correspondence from or to the committee
  • Set up Facebook group – use units within group to deliver courses – Dennis will set up group. It will not be Public at this point.

Marrow Donations

  • should we do a campaign around it? Should we have someone come in to discuss this? More discussion required.

Collective Bargaining Update

  • Look at the Bargaining Demands
  • Campaign idea around Supporting Bargaining Team
  • Domestic Violence Leave Campaign Identify leaders for these groups

Mental Health First Aid & Course Subsidy

  • provide subsidy for mental health course? 10 people would cost $450?
  • Would it bring awareness to mental health issues?

Here for Canada – Campaign

  • Doing something at Canada Place on October 31?
  • Social media feed start on Here for Canada, bone marrow – focus on Social Media

Dennis moved April minutes be accepted, Ashton seconded. Approved .


******* These are DRAFT minutes and not yet approved.