Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee: Meeting Minutes – May 24, 2017

Public Service Alliance of Canada
Regional Women’s Committee
General Meeting
May 24, 2017 @ PSAC Edmonton RO

In attendance:
Patty Jesome, Chair
Dragana Ristivojevich, Vice Chair
Kim Cardinal, Secretary
Charmaine Nelson, Treasurer
Kim Haynes, Member
Deborah Basaraba, Member
Collette Lee, Member
Bhupinder Johal, Member

PSAC Staff in attendance:
Nina Babcook, A/Regional PSAC Rep

Darlene Lewis, Member
Chelsea Key, Member

1. Welcome – Call to Order – Dragana called the meeting to order @ 5:31 pm on behalf of Patty. Patty completed chair the meeting @ 5:40 pm.
2. Introductions – each person above stated their name.
3. Agenda – Adoption: Added 6d. Agenda approved by consensus.
4. Last meeting minutes (April 26 and May 17) – April 26th – Adopted – May 17th – Adoption: By consensus.
5. Follow up on previous business:
# Description Person Action / Discussion/Completed
a. What were the Women’s Equity Conference Workshops and who were the facilitators? Nina The workshops were:
• Childcare Making it a Reality
• The Economic Empowerment of Women at Work
• Promoting Women’s Leadership
• Can work be safe when home isn’t?
No need to get facilitators as the materials were all sent.
b. Who can be invited to participate in terms of allies to the committee Nina Nina consulted with Martha Johnson and also with Marianne Hladun with who can attend as “allies”. We are awaiting a response from the REVP. One concern is the allies would not be PSAC members so they could not vote participate in elections.
c. Send out Posters for Women helping Women and Garden Nina Completed
d. Circulate Charmaine’s Report from the Equity Conference Patty Completed
e. Send Equity Conference Resolutions Kim Kim will send the Women’s Resolutions via email. Kim sent this to committee on May 25th, 2017.
f. Plant Garden on May 20th, 2017 ALL Completed
6. New Business:
a. Speakers for one-day child care event on September 16, 2017 are:
1. Ministry of the Status of Women
2. AFL Member Siobhan Vipond – lobbying government
3. Morna Ballantyne (PSAC) – child care
** Activities will include a workshop, a rally and lunch will be provided.
Child care for this event was discussed and Nina will research the different options of how we can arrange child care. The budget for this event was for $2100. We are still waiting for the funds and to see what line items have been approved.
b. Where are we hosting the event?
1. PSAC – 1st choice
2. Community League – 3rd choice
3. Hotel conference rooms – 2nd choice
Was suggested that we send out a “save the date” call out with all the details of this event and ask members to register, Patty will develop the poster by June 9th, 2017. After it has been reviewed and approved, the email for the callout/save the date will be sent by Nina. This will give us an idea of how many are interested, which will help determine the size of the venue.
c. Rally: Invitations to other union affiliates: UNIFOR, AFL, Steelworkers, Ironworkers. Let us make this an event that we will remember.
Invitations will be designed by Kim Cardinal and Patty will call the organizations to confirm. Question was asked if we will do a silent auction, due to the activities of this event it was decided to look at just having a 50/50 draw. Deb will research organizations for charity for the 50/50 draw. Concerns were mentioned regarding getting a license for the draw. Will need to add this item when discussing the event at a later date.
d. Garden planning going forward.
Weeding will be done every 2 weeks starting the week of June 14th, by volunteers, Kim will develop a schedule with her address and times and send to Patty for review and Nina to send out to the volunteers and committee. Kim will water the garden when needed. Kim will purchase additional tomato plants from Costco @ $29.99 x 2, committee agreed/consensus.
7. Food for Women: Need list of components and locals so we can start sending out letters for Food for Women campaign. This is really important, as time is of the essence with summer just around the corner. Patty contacted Marianne to ask protocol for using PSAC lists to contact locals and component.
8. FB page: incorrectly set up as group when should have been page. Patty suggests that we follow Calgary’s model. Patty will be the administrator, she has started the new page and the other one will be deleted. Patty will save the pictures that are already on the old facebook page.
9. Roundtable:
Kim: Petty cash suggestion: Patty will email Maryanne what are the options for this suggestion. Kim also updated the committee regarding the talking stick, that the
Kim H: Is there a lockable cabinet to put bank statements and/or other items required to stay in the PSAC office. Nina commented that it needs to be moved and cleaned out, as there is several documents in there that maybe ready for shredding.
Patty: Research on what should be discussed at roundtables, also get a definition of what should be discussed. Patty thanked Kim for volunteering her yard and as well as all the volunteers that came out and helped, team work was amazing! .
Dragana: Is disappointment in the committee. Has concerns regarding the treatment of each other in this committee and is hoping that further consideration and discussing.
Charmaine: financial report standing agenda item going forward: Open balance 975.57 owe the Area Council $200 as there was a mistake paying for Heather from the women’s seminar. This will leave a negative balance of $44.48. Still have not received our budget yet, will not write anymore cheques until the money is received.
Nina: Marianne will be at the area council meeting tomorrow night if anyone is interested to come and see here.
10. Next meeting(s): Time is 5:30 – 7:00 pm @ PSAC Edmonton Regional Office
June 28, 2017.
11. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.
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