Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee: Meeting Minutes – May 16, 2018

The Regional Women’s Committee is a focal point for mobilizing women members. The RWC informs, educates and empowers women within their union and their community. Check out these minutes for current activities and actions.

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)

Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee

General Meeting

May 16th, 2018 PSAC Edmonton RO

In attendance:

Patty Jessome, Chair
Kim Cardinal, Co-Chair
Charmaine Nelson, Treasurer
Patty Jessome, Temp Secretary
Mildred Ncube, Member

PSAC Staff:

Nina Babcook, Term Regional Rep

Regrets: Deb Basaraba

1. Welcome to all / Call to Order – Patty Jessome called the meeting to order 5:35 pm.

2. Harassment statement read by Kim Cardinal.

3. This Agenda – Adoption: Agenda approved by consensus.

4. Adoption of March 6th Meeting Minutes with changes. Approved by consensus.
Change Kim Cardinal from secretary to co-chair,

5. Finance Review Presented by Charmaine: See Appendix 1 for financial shapshot.

6. Follow up on previous business:

6.1 Team Building Day: The group discussed the Team Building Fun Day that was held on April 21st. We unanimously agreed that Painting with Janet Cardinal was the most enjoyed. Everyone had positive comments about Janet. She is a great teacher and took time to help out when one of us needed her, by far the favourite. Laughter with Miss Laffalot had us giggling at times but the overall consensus was that she seemed to struggle every now and again with her agenda. The Fun Day also included yoga with Sherri Marlienhoff, from RedOwl Yoga. Sherri was great in modifying stretches for our member’s mobility issues. It was also a great way to wind down the day. We also noted that Sherri seemed rushed, she arrived and started 20 minutes early and rushed away when she was done. We all agreed it would be wonderful to have both Janet and Sherri back for another Team Building Day! Kim made a great suggestion. She thought we could hold an event like this earlier in the year, January or February, when more participates might come out. She also suggested we advertise it for a longer period of time.

6.2 April Meeting: While the RWC April meeting was cancelled, Kim and Patty met to discuss the Team Building / Fun Day event that was happening on Saturday, as that would be the last time they could meet for planning purposes. They met at Olive Garden.

7. New business:

7.1 Committee Name: RWC will discontinue using the prefex Northern Alberta Regional Women’s Committee and go back to Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee, as it was originally approved.

7.2 Kindred House (KH): Patty to create a poster by June 6th for distribution by PSAC to locals. We will see how the campaign goes and if, by October, there is little response, Patty will “cold call” locals to promote the campaign and ask for a donation. Kim and Charmaine also agreed to ask their locals for a donation asap so we can use the committee’s $500 match for Kindred House as soon as possible.

7.3 October Ideas: There are three events in Oct. the RWC could participate in: Women’s History Month, National Seniors Day, International Day of Girl and Persons Day. Kim suggested we each come up with one event idea for one of the above mentioned events and bring it back to next meeting for debate. Feel free to bring one for each.

7.4 WebPage: Patty asked how everyone saw the launching of the child care webpage. She explained that she saw it coming together over a period of time, even after we received the funds. Patty suggested she bring in her computer so everyone can review the webpage and have input on its creation. Everyone agreed. Patty will reach out to Go Daddy to incorporate buttons/other add ons, to the webpage.

8. Roundtable with Talking Stick :
Patty: Pass.
Kim: We got through important stuff tonight. We got through the agenda and we set our goals.
Charmaine: She missed the last meeting as she was away on a two-day convention and shared her stories of unionism and feminism.
Nina: Nina mentioned she will miss working with the women’s committee, as her term nears to the end. She said she thoroughly enjoyed working with the committee and coming to meetings. She welcomes the new rep, Anne Juneau.
Mildred: Mildred said thank you for letting her join the meeting.

9. Next meeting date: June 20th

10. Adjournment: Patty adjourned the meeting at 6:35.


Who (name) What When (item #)
Charmaine Financial table ASAP
Patty Poster for Kindred House Campaign June 6th
Charmaine, Patty, Kim Come up with one idea for Oct Next Meeting, June 20th
Patty Contact Go Daddy When funds arrive