Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee: Meeting Minutes – March 22, 2017

March 22, 2017 Northern Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

In attendance: Patty Jessome ( Chair) Charmaine Nelson (Treasurer) Deb Basaraba( member)

Meeting called to order at 5:34 PM by Patricia Jessome- Chair

Adoption of Agenda – Deb Basaraba, Second Charmaine Nelson
Adoption of previous minutes – Consensus
Thank-You Cards to the speakers whom attended our Nov 2016 Northern Alberta Women’s Committee Seminar on Domestic Violence in the work place completed and Patty will put them in the mail.
2016 budget audit completed and sent to Gloria Kelly on time.
2017 Budget proposal completed and sent to Gloria Kelly on time.
Message from Kim Cardinal- Her son was not able to make a separate Facebook page for NRWC and Patty will follow up- with Marianne Hladun about how we can create a page.
S.A.G.E The group is ecstatic at the offers of our vegetable harvest. Food for Women gift cards for groceries. Patty has contacted the food bank and has yet to receive a response.
International Women’s Day Quiz: 1st Place Mavis Calihoo ( RCMP) 2nd place Cindy Verner ( DND) 3rd place Charmaine Nelson ( ESDC/Service Canada )
Kim Haynes to provide names of speakers for our upcoming 1 day seminar on Quality Affordable Childcare on Sept 16, 2017 – Kim was absent from the meeting so this is tabled to next meeting. Patty to email Kim for the information on speakers. Deb Basaraba suggested possibly requesting Jan Reimer as a speaker. Patty Suggested we get a speaker form the provincial arena. Charmaine and patty are to do some research as to why quality affordable child care is paramount. Child care strategies- research on speakers. – tabled to next meeting. Deb spoke about a kitchen table model of presentation. Discussed Possibility of someone from PSAC to speak – Gloria Kelly, or Marianne Hladun, NDP party – Oneil.
Discussion that we need an architectural design for our garden and we will plant it May 20, 2017
Next meetings: April 26, 2017, May 24, 2017, June 28, 2017
Round table
Meeting adjourned with consensus @ 6:20 PM