Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee: Meeting Minutes – Jun 20, 2018

The Regional Women’s Committee is a focal point for mobilizing women members. The RWC informs, educates and empowers women within their union and their community. Check out these minutes for current activities and actions.

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)
Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee General Meeting
June 20th, 2018 PSAC

Edmonton RO In attendance: Patty Jessome, Chair Kim Cardinal, Co-Chair Lorelei Noble, Member
PSAC Staff: Anne Juneau, Regional Rep
Regrets: Charmaine Nelson, Holly Would

1. Welcome to all / Call to Order – Patty Jessome called the meeting to order 5:35 pm.

2. Welcome to Anne – Anne gave us some background on herself. She has been working with the PSAC for 28 years, mostly in the north. She is originally from St. Albert. She talked about some campaign ideas for recruiting women to the committee, which were well received.

3. Harassment statement read by Kim Cardinal.

4. This Agenda – Adoption: Agenda approved by consensus.

5. Adoption of May 16th Meeting Minutes with changes. Approved by consensus.

6. Finance Review Presented by Charmaine: See Appendix 1 for financial snap shot. (T/C)

7. Follow up on previous business: 7.1 Kindred House: Patty will be asking for $350 from her local for Kindred House at her next executive meeting on July 5th.

8. New business: 8.1 October 2018: Discussed movie night for Women’s History Month: Iron Jawed Angels, 9-5, Suffragettes’, Selma, Freedom Rider etc. Tabled item until September. Would hold movie at the RO, have refreshments, popcorn. 8.2 Budget: Reviewed letter from Marianne regarding budget. The prairie committee required more information on Kindred House and the Website proposals. Patty replied to letter hoping to be approved for the outstanding funds for the committee to see both campaigns come to fruition. 8.3 Poster for Kindred House: The poster was reviewed and approved. The committee will wait until they get approval on the campaign before sending it out to the locals and our affiliates.

9. Roundtable Anne: Is happy to be working in the Edmonton office. She is looking forward to continued involvement with the RWC, as she previously worked with the women’s committee in Yellowknife. Kim: She is looking forward to recruiting and getting more women out to participate in the committee. She is interested in some of Anne’s ideas and looks forward to implementing them. Lorelei: Glad she joined the meeting. Asked Patty to send her the poster. She will also talk about the campaign to her local at her AGM. Patty: Welcomed Anne to the RO and Lorelei to the meeting. She hopes Lorelei can make it to more meetings.

10. Next meeting date: September 19th. Happy Summer Everyone!

11. Adjournment: Patty adjourned the meeting at 6:10.

Actions: Who (name) What When (item #) Charmaine Financial table ASAP Patty Send Marianne Email Re-Budget Done Charmaine, Patty, Kim Come up with one idea for Oct Next Meeting, Sept 19th Patty Contact Go Daddy When funds arrive

Please see attachment below for the financial statement.