Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee: Meeting Minutes – January 26, 2017

Public Service Alliance of Canada
Regional Women’s Committee
General Meeting
January 26, 2017 PSAC Edmonton RO

In attendance:

Patty Jesome, Chair
Kim Cardinal, Secretary
Charmaine Nelson, Treasurer
Kim Haynes, Member
Collette Lee, Member

PSAC Staff:
Nina Babcook, A/Regional PSAC Rep

Dragana Ristivojevich, Vice Chair
Darlene Lewis, Member
Deborah Basaraba, Member

1. Call to Order – Patty Jessome called the meeting to order @ 5:30 pm.
2. Approval of the Agenda: Agenda approved by consensus.
3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda: Minutes were reviewed – correction on page 4, 9.6 – Charmaine’s last name is incorrect. Nina will ensure this gets corrected. Previous minutes approved with these changes by consensus.
4. Women’s Seminar
a) Donation to School – Article to run on Feb 1st: Patty and Charmaine received a great presentation @ the school. Patty will bring the article to the next RWC meeting. UPDATE: Link to the article was sent to committee via email from Patty.

Local organization boosts Spruce Ave School

b) Women’s seminar:
i. Post-Mortem of seminar-what was successful, what wasn’t – Patty presented “Post Mortem Questions” and asked that the committee complete them individually and bring them to the next RWC meeting, scheduled for Feb 11, 2017. At that time we will briefly discuss them. Nina has the evaluation forms from the women’s seminar; this should be reviewed by the committee. Kim C has an Excel document that can summarize the evaluation forms. Nina agreed that she will send them electronically to Kim.
ii. Thank you cards to sponsors – Patty bought a package of cards and suggested we send them to the guest speakers and sponsors. Charmaine suggested that we also send thank you cards to the sponsors that donated to the Tools for Schools event we held last year. All was in a agreement. It was agreed on by the committee for the women’s seminar list to attach the picture that was taken of us all and a brief message be attached inside the thank you cards. Kim volunteered to attach the picture and message. Nina will send the picture/message to Kim. Kim to bring the completed cards to the Feb 11 meeting.
5. New business:
a) Garden – Patty will speak with Mr. Dingle from Spruce Avenue School to confirm if he is interested in working with this committee and what type of help the school would need. Patty will report back to this committee with details. UPDATE: Mr. Dingle has left Spruce Avenue School and Patty has asked that his replacement contact her.
b) Voting by consensus for decision making/guidelines: Patty asked the committee if they agree that when there is a decision to be made that is will be done by consensus. All agreed.
c) Getting more visibility with the PSAC: Patty suggested putting pictures on media such as Facebook. Kim commented that when doing that you may need to ensure that all persons in the photo give their consent. It was suggested that consent forms can be available to the committee and we ask all members to give their consent, which would be covered for the full year. All agreed. Kim suggested creating an Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee Facebook Page. We can then put our events, pictures, meeting notifications, etc. and share with all our members. Charmaine volunteered to start the Facebook page.
d) Feb 11th Committee Training: It was discussed that the 2017 Planned Budget be ready to present at this meeting. Kim Haynes (last year’s treasurer) and Charmaine will work on this together. The committee’s board has RSVP for this meeting.
6. Roundtable
Charmaine: Charmaine shared her last years report and is very thankful for the work that was completed and the hard work by all. Is looking forward to 2017 and her role as Treasurer.
Kim Haynes: Closing balance as of December 31, 2016 is $823.00. Reviewed and discussed last year’s budget with committee. Some approximate budget numbers for planned events were discussed; Garden – $150; Tools for Schools – $400 for donation / supplies – Kim C suggested that we do not focus too much on this event as it well supported by the United Way Campaign. Committee discussed and agreed that we would still provide a donation to a school, Patty suggested the Alexia Sioux Nation School, this school does receive assistance from the Federal Government, however it is very low. All agreed on the donation and the school.
Kim Cardinal: Suggested that this committee can do something for a women’s shelter, such as putting “back packs” together with items that women need for example; soaps, tooth brushes, shampoos, deodorant, tampons, bus tickets, lotions, scarfs, etc. The event can be called “Women helping Women”. Committee like and agreed with the suggestion. This will be discussed further – approx. cost – $800
Patty: Will follow up with Jan Reimer to ask about volunteer opportunities with local shelters and to ask her what items would help woman (for the back packs). Patty recalls Jan Reimer commenting that individual gift cards is their biggest need.
Patty: Discussed the March 8th – Internationals Women’s Day. She suggested to the committee that we have a contest and the winner would receive 15 minutes with PSAC President Robyn Benson. There would be very little cost for this event. Patty will follow up at the next meeting.
Kim Haynes: “SWAG” for this committee. This committee has asked for swag last year and did not receive any. Kim suggested that we should budget for approx. $250 to get some T-shirts made so that we can wear these when we are at events or working in the RO on projects, these pictures than can be uploaded to our new Facebook page or the PSAC website, which will help get the faces of our committee to the members of our local. Charmaine volunteered to create the Facebook page.
Charmaine: Suggested that the committee can volunteer at a food bank.
Kim Haynes: Suggested we have an event for “Quality and Affordable Daycare”. There is several videos and facts regarding this, this committee could review the video to ensure all is updated and then hold an event to promote awareness. Patty also shared information to start a child care campaign. There will a meeting on Thursday, February 9th @ 7:30 pm Manitoba time. (6:30 pm Edmonton time) Kim H also asked if there is LWOP for lobbying and if this is a budget line that should be put on this committee’s budget. Nina will look to see if this is covered by another budget.
Nina: Prepared and printed for the committee list(s) of MPs, MLAs and City Councilors as a resource.
7. Next meeting date: This is only for the board as it is the Committee Planning and Training Event:
February 11, 2017 9:00 am – 5:00 p.m. PSAC Edmonton RO
8. Agenda for next meeting: Will be provided at the Committee Planning and Training Event.
9. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm


Who What When
Nina Correct the previous minutes – December 8, 2016 Item #3
All Complete and bring to the RWC meeting the Post Mortem Questions Item #4(b)(i)
Nina/Kim Nina to send evaluation forms to Kim via email. Kim to summarize the forms and bring to next meeting Item # 4(b)(ii)
Nina/Kim Nina to send picture/message to Kim for thank you cards. Kim to attach to thank you cards and bring to next meeting Item # 4(b)(ii)
Patty Confirm with Mr. Dingle regarding the details of this year’s garden. UPDATE waiting to hear from Mr. Dingle’s replacement. Item #5(a)
Charmaine Start a Edmonton RWC page in Facebook Item # 5(c)
Kim H /Charmaine Prepare the 2017 Planned Budget for the Feb 11th meeting to share and discuss with committee. Roundtable
Patty Speak with Jan Reimer regarding volunteering at Women’s shelters and items for the back pack event. Rountable
Patty Will further discuss the March 8th – International Women’s Day Contest Roundtable
Nina Confirm if there is a budget for LWOP in another forum. Roundtable