Edmonton Human Rights Committee: Meeting Minutes, Sept 13, 2018

The Human Rights Committee discuss issues and plan events relating to PSAC’s Indigenous, Persons With Disabilities, LGBTQ2+ and Racially Visible caucus members. Check out these minutes for current actions and events!

PSAC Edmonton Human Rights Committee “Building Bridges to Humanity”

September 13th, 2018 PSAC Edmonton Human Rights Committee

In attendance:

Mavis Callihoo, Chair

Teleconference: Mildred Ncube, Co-Chair

Member Charmaine Nelson

Member Kosmas Doerschel – Member

Staff Person: Carm Chan Regional Representative

Regrets: Kim Cardinal, Treasurer

1. Welcome to all / Call to Order  Mavis Callihoo called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm.

2. Harassment statement – Read by Charmaine Nelson

Discussion about the importance of the Harassment statement.  It is inclusive and guides us in proper behavior towards others. Reading the statement at the start of PSAC meetings as well as Union local meetings would be beneficial.

3. Agenda – Adoption: Approval of agenda, approved by consensus.

4. Adoption of Meeting Minutes – Approved by consensus.

5. Finance Review Presented by Kim Cardinal – Will be presented at future meeting

6. Events completed thus far – Contests, events, write-ups and participation with the membership.

Talking stick event, Women’s March, Childcare March, International Women’s Day EHRC participated in the fun day, Black History Month quiz and prizes, Dream Catcher event, International Day of Homophobia write up, National Indigenous day write-up and events listing (original event was cancelled), Pride Parade, Alberta Lung Association workshop, rally outside the Delta Hotel. 

Discussion regarding how to engage other members.  Having the local Presidents buy in and send out information to their membership ensuring that it is put on bulletin boards and internal Union messaging.

Potential to start a Facebook page. This has been completed. 

7. New business:

7.1 Lung Association – Scents in the workplace. Nina Snyder, the Chair of the Alberta Lung Presented on Thursday, Sept 20th at 5:30 pm to a small group of PSAC members. The event was well received and Nina would be open to doing presentations for organizations and Locals. 

7.2 Remembrance Day November 11 Poppy fund wreath –  Looking to lay a wreath at the Butter dome for Remembrance day on behalf of the PSAC EHRC. 

7.3 International Children’s Day – November 20th Perhaps a prize entry for that day.  If everyone’s schedules coincide, we will try to plan something a bit more elaborate.

7.4 Human Rights Day December 8th –  Possible write-up and/or contest. Original idea was a multicultural day or doing a draw. Mildred will do some research. 

7.5 International Day of Persons with Disabilities Dec. 3rd…considering what may be done for this

8. Roundtable:

Charmaine: Drawing in the membership with events, fun, support and kindness.
Mavis: Making meetings a bit more informal to draw in membership – maybe meeting at a local spot for informal discussion.
Kosmas:  Wanted to come and check out the meeting and had an informal and general discussion afterwards about workplace issues.    
Mildred:  Would like to see more educational funding.  Perhaps a Full scholarship to attend things like the Prairie school.

9. Next meeting date – TBA

10. Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 6:30


For review at next meeting TBA. Next year’s events and actions to be discussed.  What we require for budget.  Increasing participation and garnering the interest of all locals and PSAC membership.